Thank You Chicago once again

For those of you who attended my TypePad session (or not). Some notes from the session are available via email at until August 15th. So sign up and enjoy.  See you next year,  nextSTEPH   ...more

Feeling Inspired Makes Me Feel Alive

While the sessions are informative and there's always something to do, I attend BlogHer conferences for the people. And what people they are! I know that when I go, I will be inspired by the women -- by who they are and what they do -- and they never fail me. I have three examples of inspirational women that I’d like to share from this weekend. In no particular order: Inspiring woman #1: Lisa Stone, one of the three founders of BlogHer ...more

 I think this is great and I am also glad you posted this because I did not get to go to the ...more

Good-bye BlogHer 09, I miss you already

I've attended four of the five BlogHer conferences. I stayed home for the first one and was just about as jealous and miserable as a woman blogger can be. I've spoken at two BlogHer conferences. I've officially live-blogged four BlogHer conferences. I've been drunk at BlogHer Con (which is frightening since I don't drink.) I've cried at BlogHer Con. I've gotten angry at BlogHer Con. I've been the life of the party. I've been the blogger hiding in a corner because she just can't handle the people. My heart has hurt over the sessions I wasn't able to attend. ...more

That was the title of my first conference post. And it about sums it all up for me. ...more

Hearing Reports of Undesirable Behavior at BlogHer09

So I didn't attend BlogHer09 - but I keep seeing tweets about ppl crashing parties, stealing swag bags, and the like.  I'm sure this was a minority.  And since I did not attend - I do not have a first hand account of any of these behaviors occuring.  But it troubles me to hear that if any of these behaviors occurred at all, they occurred at a blogging conference for Women Bloggers.  BlogHer is all about support of the women blogger community.  So when I started to hear reports of this behavior and see the tweets coming across, it really bothered me enough to write a post about it. ...more

The Best Part of BlogHer '09

I'm in the main lobby of the Sheraton Chicago Hotel and Towers, just minutes away from the Closing Keynote. Afterwards, I'll go up to my room, pack my bags, and head out of Chicago on a train that will deliver me home sometime tomorrow. My head is spinning, my stomach is empty, my heart is full and my ears are buzzing with the excitement, activity, and energy of over a thousand women passing by me on the escalators, the hallways and the elevators. ...more

Cross my heart, etc... check the system if you doubt me! And yes, seeing you again will be a ...more

Silence and sexism at BlogHer 09

I've tweeted about this a couple of times over the past two days, but I'm writing about it here, too. I apologize for the redundancy--I guess I'm more than 140 characters worth of pissed off. ...more

I completely agree with you! Some people think it's funny, but I'm not amused - at all. ...more

BlogHer '09 photo galleries!

[PicApp_Gallery:id=74] PicApp.Tracker.WidgetImpression.Report({iid:"5559014", sterm: "Blogher", apikey:"4d12d99c-0499-4fd6-a991-ea8e4f53d80b"});PicApp.Tracker.WidgetImpression.Report({iid:"5559038", sterm: "Blogher", apikey:"4d12d99c-0499-4fd6-a991-ea8e4f53d80b"}); ...more

I shall begin to work on TW to convince her that this is a brilliant plan...

BlogHer ...more

Break Out the Kleenex, It's the BlogHer '09 Community Keynote

You'll laugh. You'll cry. You'll laugh and cry. How can you not? It's the return of the BlogHer Community Keynote! This year, 21 bloggers from our community read their own work, curated by the marvelous Eden Kennedy of Fussy, Let's Panic about Motherhood, and NaBloPoMo. ...more

Hi there,

The blogger, Black Hockey Jesus, kindly reposted his piece on for all ...more

Live-blogging: Senior Advisor Valerie Jarrett talks to BlogHers about health care

picapp_gallery("860938","5025584,5025052,4922965,4621333,3854342,3835681,2520424","","2","2","2") Valerie B Jarrett, Senior Advisor and Assistant to the President for Intergovernmental Affairs and Public Liaison, is at BlogHer 09 to talk with a group of women BlogHers about health care. BlogHers in attendance are (links to their blogs will appear later): ...more

My BlogHer Envy

While I am SO thrilled for my fellow Bloggeristas who are enjoying their time at BlogHer and getting their 'Network On,' I must admit I am a tad envious.  As a fairly newbie blogger, I know I am not ready to be hob-nobbing with the blogging-elite.  But still there is a part of me that wishes I could be attending the sessions.  A part of me wishing I was networking at posh parties with swag and martinis.  ...more