Instant Retraining for the New Business World

Instant Retraining for the New World Stop Coping. Start Succeeding. The old world is gone. GM is bankrupt. Citibank is on the edge. The Office as we know it is being replaced by The Internet. Companies, banks, entire countries and economies are changing. It’s a whole new world and we need a whole new way of succeeding in it. Or maybe an ancient way....more

Me and Pam at BlogHer '10

One of the all time highlights of my BlogHer’10 experience was meeting Pam Spaulding of Pam’s House Blend. I have admired her work for many years. I visit her site several times a day for updates on the state of LGBT America from a progressive point of view. Pam is an African-American lesbian who is really rocking the blogosphere....more

What I brought home: The Books of BlogHer'10

I've been to New York City twice this summer - which is a big deal because I live in Los Angeles - and I've yet to get to the Strand Bookstore! It was on the list of things I wanted to do when I was in the City for BlogHer'10, but between a pretty full conference agenda and my inability to follow the walking directions I got from Google Maps, it didn't happen....more

Aw, that sucks that you didn't get to The Strand. :(

Thanks for mentioning Girl Power. It's ...more

Latinas at BlogHer 2010

***Cross posted from*** ...more

I Am the Acorn: What I Learned at BlogHer '10

"Hi, I'm Megan. I blog at An Acorn Dreaming. What's it about? Well... um... I write about, you know, my life and my kids and, um, stuff like that. It's a personal blog. Kind of a slice of life thing, you know. The acorn? Oh, that's a symbol of potential, you know, like the possibility to become something big like an oak tree. So, uh, I'm the acorn, you know, growing and stuff..." Yes, I actually said that. I actually said that countless times at BlogHer, and it sounded stupider each time. ...more

Congratulations on finding your purpose!

I enjoy the readership numbers and comments; they ...more