My Velveteen Friends, The Ones Who Keep Me Real and Grounded

Our words - how we write them, share them, make an impact with them, change lives with them.  That's what BlogHer10 was about....more

Job Lab: ROYO: Pitch Me

Pitch me sessionWith Lucretia Pruit: @lucretiapruit and Jenn Fowler @JennFowler Elements of a good elevator pitch: Name Nametags that flip both ways  Your blog’s title, not your URL Describe what your blog is about. State the nature of your blog Keep it short and sweet, 2-3 sentences brief. Your stats: don’t lie. But talk about your readers expectations Tagline: if you want to work with an agency, be mindful about your tagline....more

Back from BlogHer: There's No Place Like Home

I have clicked my ruby slippers and am delighted to be back home in Kansas.I'm also delighted that our last drive in New York was with Mahmood, an immigrant from Pakistan. More than 30 years ago, Mahmood was working on a ship that docked in the New York harbor. He waited until dark, jumped overboard, and swam to shore.*I know this, because I asked him how long he had been in America -- he had mentioned being an immigrant and I thought it was a fairly innocuous question....more

This is the exact reason why I love NYC. The people you meet from all over the world each ...more

BlogHer'10: That's a wrap

Here's how bad at self-promotion and networking I am: I didn't bring cards to BlogHer. ...more

I'm thinking that I should have spent more time having intimate conversations and not relied ...more

(SLIDESHOW) The People of BlogHer ’10: Official Photos (Saturday)

Like Friday, Saturday at BlogHer '10 was jam-packed with information, fun, food and -- of course -- bloggers. Bringing to end over a year's worth of work, the conference came to a close in style. ...more

Thank you!! I can see it now. Yay! :)more

(SLIDESHOW) The People of BlogHer ’10: Official Photos (Friday)

BlogHer '10 officially kicked off on Friday morning with a well-received welcome message from Lisa Stone, Elisa Camhort Page and Jory Des Jardins. Add in some sessions, a bunch of women running through New York City in tutus, really good food, lots of talking and meeting new people, laughter, tears and some really amazing art and you have one amazing whirlwind of a day. ...more

Updated: BlogHer '10 -- The Movie, Errr, Videos!

Lights! Cameras! Action! Oh boy, is there action... and you can watch it from the comfort of your own home, thanks to the kind folks who will be uploading their BlogHer '10 videos to YouTube. ...more

Do you mean the first video, by Jenny on the Spot? Where she and her friend show you how to make ...more

BlogHer Conferences in Pictures: BlogHer '10, Not in NYC But With You in Spirit (UPDATED PICTURES!)

Updated with more photos of those who will be with BlogHer in spirit but not in New York City -- get yours added today if you can't make it. ...more

It was my first BlogHer conference so you and I have not met before, but I did get to take a ...more

OFFICIAL BLOGHER '10 LIVEBLOG: Closing Keynote: Use Your Voice, Your Platform and Your Power

Welcome to the liveblog of the BlogHer '10 keynote: Closing Keynote: How to Use Your Voice, Your Platform and Your Power. Click here for more info. This panel starts Saturday, August 7 at 5 pm and ends at 6 pm Eastern time. Empowerment is a constant theme at and on BlogHer. All signs point to others recognizing our power – as a group and as a demographic. How are we leveraging that power as individuals? How should we be? ...more

My #BlogHer10 Swag Bag Epiphany

Yesterday I got up at 6:30am (an ungodly hour for me) in order to make it to the first day of BlogHer's 6th Annual Conference in New York. I have met and had great conversations with many of the women here and picked up some great tid bits of knowledge from the sessions, but I honestly don't think I could summarize or try to encompass all of it in one post.  In lieu of that, I grabbed links to useful BlogHer '10 resources and the live blogs. ...more