A Week in Review - October 2, 2009

The first annual BlogHer Food event wrapped up last Saturday in San Francisco and we all had so much fun! ...more

Food bloggers to be friends with

This weekend at BlogHer Food I met some amazing bloggers. At lunch I gossiped with Sassymonkey and her friend the marine scientist who was carrying around a crocheted lobster, whose name and blog I wish I knew! At lunch, Mrs. L from Pages, Pucks, and Pantry and Karen from Cook4Seasons were sitting next to me. Mrs. L writes about scrapbooking, hockey, and food, a great combination! ...more

There's no gossip like lobster gossip. ;)


How to use your food (or non-food) blog to save the world

What is stopping you from using your food blog—or, really, any blog you write—to save the world? What is your barrier to entry into that place where your blog goes beyond telling a story and actually serves as a platform for the causes about which you’re most passionate?That was the question asked by Lydia Walshin of A Perfect Pantry and Drop In & Decorate® cookies for donation at the end of How Food Blogs Can Save The World, our panel at BlogHerFood ’09, and a worthy question which which to grapple. The participants in the panel--who also included Pim Techamuanvivit, who has raised more than $250,000 through her Menu For Hope event on Chez Pim, and Valerie Harrison of More Than Burnt Toast, who will release a fundraising cookbook in November as part of the efforts of BloggerAid: Changing the Face of Famine--were in various stages of their efforts, and they wanted to share their expertise with conference attendees....more


From now until November 4th, Here's Life Inner City ...more

BlogHer Food Conference and if You've Cooked Okra, You Might Be a Foodie

By the time you read this post, the BlogHer Food Blogging Conference will have ended after lots of sharing of blogging knowledge and rhapsodizing over interesting things people have blogged about. I'm writing this in advance so I can't discuss what the conference was like, but I have no doubt, there'll be plenty of talk about interesting things people have eaten. ...more

Mmmm... I am just DROOLING over the thought of my menu for my birthday party on Saturday ...more

Best Practices in Blogging: How to Maintain a Good Blog

Hello from BlogHer Food '09 in San Francisco, where today I will moderate a session about best practices in blogging, especially food blogging but with general application for blogs on other topics (What? People blog about more than food? How cute is that?) Our topic is in the Vocation Track, "How Blogging Best Practices Apply, No Matter Your Blogging Niche". We've got a panel of diverse speakers, each a successful blogger in her own right, each representing a particular niche or community within the larger food blog world. Let me introduce them! ...more

Alanna Kellogg Kitchen Parade & more

A Week in Review - September 25, 2009

Hello friends,...more

What Makes A Great Food Blog?

While getting ready to speak on The Meaning of Identity and the Value of Voice in a Crowded Foodblogging World at BlogHer Food '09 this Saturday, I looked back to one of my very first posts on my blog, in which I looked at what makes a great food blog. The number one characteristic was: ...more
cucumbertown One of my very first posts. Thanks for the RT. BlogHermore

The Hunger Challenge is underway

This morning, nearly 34 million people in the United States faced more than the usual Monday challenge: Their week includes figuring out how to feed themselves on a food stamp budget. Thanks to economic stimulus money, that budget is higher this year than last: $28 per week, per person, rather than $21. That extra $7 makes a tremendous difference, although doing a week’s worth of shopping is tough to do even at the higher level. Last year, Gayle Keck of the San Francisco Food Bank dreamed up The Hunger Challenge. This event gave bloggers the opportunity to try living on a food stamp budget--just $21 for the week in 2008. Six of us participated, and shared our struggles on our blogs. It was a stressful, difficult week, and left me more committed than ever to do whatever I can to help feed the hungry and to increase access to fresh, affordable food for those who live in underserved areas. ...more

From now until November 4th, HLIC New York (www.hlicnyc.org) is hosting a “Dine In” event ...more

A Delicious Decision in the Jessica Seinfeld Cookbook Case

Have any of you wondered what happened in the Jessica Seinfeld cookbook case?  Being an attorney* and a food blogger**, I was very intrigued with the issues involved. Little did I know that close to two years later, I'd be preparing to speak about some of those issues as a member of the "Protecting Yourself and Your Work" panel at BlogHer Food '09. ...more

Thanks for writing about A Delicious Decision in the Jessica Seinfeld Cookbook Case. more