Liveblog: Food Writing Tips: Basic Tools

Welcome to the liveblog of the BlogHer Food '10 panel "Voice - Writing Tips: The Basic Tools in Any Writer's Gear Bag." Your hosts are: Hank Shaw from Hunter Angler Gardener Cook - based in Sacramento Cheryl Sternman Rule of Five Second Rule - based in San Jose Sj Sebellin-Ross, food critic, current blog is Forme of Cury - based in Oregon ...more

Food Blogger Favorite Recipes: Clotilde's Yellow Zucchini Tarte Fine

To celebrate BlogHer Food '10, we've asked some of the food bloggers in the BlogHer network to share their favorite recipes. ...more

Four Vegetarian or Vegan Options for Dining During BlogHer Food

Though BlogHer Food will, of course, provide plenty of on-site opportunities to eat, what better opportunity to experience San Francisco than by seeing it through its food? The restaurant recommendations I made for conference attendees last year still hold true, but this year, I have some new ideas to share, and those of you with special dietary restrictions or philosophies ought to enjoy this particular list. Here are four primarily or completely vegetarian--or, in the case of two of the choices, vegan!--restaurant options if you're looking for a lunch or dinner out at a place that will satisfy both the herbivores and omnivores in the crowd. ...more

Emily, I dream about the Plant Burgers. And I am, under normal circumstances, a total meat ...more

BlogHer Food '10 schedule

Getting down to the wire. Here's my personal plan for BlogHer Food '10 attendance. Hope to see some of you there! Friday:  8:30am Day One Breakfast 9:15am Welcome, featuring BlogHer founders, Elisa Camahort Page and Lisa Stone 10:00am Visuals - Food Photography for Food Bloggers: How to capture your best photo in restaurants and your home kitchens  11:15am Demos and Sampling One 12:00pm Lunch: Innovator Interview: Dominique Crenn  1:30pm Values - Our Food Future: Kids, Cooking and Health  ...more

Oh, yeesh, that'll teach me to skip preview.


Food Blogger Favorite Recipes: The Pinoy Cook's Honey-Ginger Chicken

As we count down to BlogHer Food 10 on October 8 and 9, some of the food bloggers in the BlogHer network are sharing their favorite recipes. Meet Connie Veneration of The Pinoy Cook: ...more

Omigosh, and MY Speedy is such a sleepyhead. Maybe, the nickname works in reverse?

Connie ...more

Food Blogger Favorite Recipes: Jaden of Steamy Kitchen's Ribs

We're getting excited about BlogHer Food 10 on October 8 and 9, so we're asking for the favorite recipes of some of the food bloggers in the BlogHer network. Jaden Hair of Steamy Kitchen played along: ...more

Yum! I want to eat these right now.

Come say hello! Find me ...more

Food Blogger Favorites: David of Leite's Culinaria on iPads and Ultimate Chocolate Chip Cookies

We're getting excited about BlogHer Food 10 on October 8 and 9, so we're asking for the favorite recipes of some of the food bloggers in the BlogHer network. David Leite of Leite's Culinaria played along: ...more

7 Amazing Family Bakeware Brands

I‘ve had a pleasure headed to Google and finding Gourmet bake-ware for families....more

Blogher Food tickets needed

I have now read the agenda and would VERY MUCH like to attend the whole conference.  We are just setting up our blog and are in the process of writing a book.  This would be extremely valuable.  If you have tickets you are willing to sell please e-mail:  ...more

New Feature: BlogHer Meet-ups Everywhere and Anytime

BlogHers like to meet up. We've been having pre-conference meet-ups in various cities for several years now. This year we noticed people were scheduling post-conference meet-ups. Now we're even planning during-conferene "Pity Party" meet-ups for those who can't attend conferences in person. Oh, and not to mention holiday meet-ups, summer meet-ups, Valentine's Day meet-ups. Turns out we don't need much of an excuse to replicate the experience (and the joy) of meeting face-to-face on a smaller scale. Everywhere. And anytime....more

Thanks for the explanation, Elisa. I was wondering about that, too.

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