Keep the Faith

If you were given a list of available children to adopt, which one would you pick? Would you look for the cutest, youngest, happiest little boy or girl? Or would you choose an older child... say around 15 or 16 years old?   My husband and I are currently going through this right now. Last year, we were chosen...yes, I said chosen... to adopt a child (or children). We have a natural son already but realized that adopting a child would make the most sense for us.   For anyone wondering, because I get asked this question a lot... Yes....more

For Every New Facebook Fan of Big Heart Baby Clothing Co, 6 cents is donated to children’s charities.

Starting Today, October 24th, 2010 Big Heart Baby Clothing Co. will Donate 6 cents to children’s charities for every new person to “Like” Big Heart Baby on Facebook.Go to the Big Heart Baby Facebook Page, "Like" and suggest it to friends....more

Randy Pausch gave his last lecture

          October 23, 1960-July 25, 2008  (aged 47)                  Pancreatic Cancer Victim offered to help people change their own lives by his example of living life to the fullest as he faced   his own death. ...more

The "Tail" Of Rugby Jones: A Rascal's Journey From Disability To Ability

New Book Introduces A Hero to Handicapped and Special Needs Kids BOYERTOWN, Pennsylvania (September 8, 2009) - Author Claudia Broome has created a literary hero. He is a Pembroke Welsh corgi named Rugby Jones who is paraplegic and not about to let that stop him. The “Tail” of Rugby Jones captures Claudia’s dynamic personal story about how Rugby is captivating thousands of people with his humorous, lovably cocky and to-the-point message that disability is really ability in disguise.   ...more



The book is available September 10, 2009 ...more

Teaching Sameness Is Just Wrong!

What are we teaching our children when we approve of sameness? Teaching this fallacy gives a foundation that is difficult to overcome. The reality is that people are different and that is what “makes the world go round.”   ...more


Check out my new blog called Plenty: A Blog About Living a Life of Plenty at my website And while you are at it, have a look around! Thanks.  ...more

ME-Vows: The 5 Promises You Must Make With Yourself

“I promise to love, honor and cherish you…,” the proverbial vows we’ve all witnessed at one wedding ceremony or another, each person taking a vow to be with the other forever, a serious and deep commitment for sure. Yet today’s divorce rate still hovers around 50%. ...more

Palin vs. Obama

Those who know me, know that I am on a mission to help handicapped people of all ages. My friend Rugby Jones is testament to that fact. Having said that, I must preface this blog by saying that I am a registered Republican but more importantly, I am a registered American! ...more

Encourge individuality and creativity in your children.

As I've been preparing to wite this blog, my 5 and 7 year old little girls have been at the kitchen table with a bag full of ribbons, buttons, yarn ect, elmers glue, paint and glitter (all non-toxic of course) card board boxes, poster board and paper and sure, they are making a bit of a mess, but so what. They will entertain themselves for a couple of hours, the cost of thier art supplies may come to $15, and they are being creative! ...more