Women Running for Office

While I do not blog on politics -- beyond the politics of farming, organic food and contaminated toys, anyway -- I thought it was very fitting for BlogHerDC's closing panel to feature women of the media talking about the upcoming elections. ...more

A little lost???

Has any of you ever felt like because you are a single mom most of the time and you have no time to really anything that you have lost a part of yourself? I mean I just dont know what it is but by the end of the day im so tired of picking up the house, running around with my precious baby karli, and then once the hubby comes home dealing with that aspect that i cant even read a book let alone have the energy to take a shower! (believe me i do take showers lol). And just when i ...more

They say that children have to see new foods 10 times before they will try them.  Even now ...more

Useful Links from the BlogHer DC

There were definitely some goodies to be had at the BlogHer DC conference, like slippers, a cute little portable mouse for my laptop, and a laser pointer. But really these conferences are about knowledge and making connections. If I had one big takeaway from theBlogHer DC conference, it was that authenticity is key. Authenticity and good content are the cornerstones for building a successful blog.  Even when panelists had differing opinions on methods, techniques and formats, they all in some way advised bloggers to be true to themselves. ...more

BlogHer Reach Out Tour DC: The Recap - Part 1

And we're home.  What a trip! Really!  WHAT. A. TRIP!  Learned a lot, met so many dynamic fun women which included some idols of mine from Twitter and the Blogosphere, spent lots of quality time with Cathy and Sarah, oh and saw my country's capitol in a whirlwind 4 hour tour that did not include a trip to any of the fabulous boutiques in either Georgetown or Chevy Chase (boo hiss).  There, that's the trip, in 50 words or less.  Good?  Okay, cyabai! ...more

Everything I need to know in life I learned at BlogHer D.C.

Today is the first day of the rest of my blogging life. For I have just returned from the BlogHer D.C. Conference, and I have seen the light. And by the light, I mean some pretty rocking lady bloggers. Because BlogHer is all about the ladies. Ladies with babies. Ladies in scrunchies. Ladies in glasses. Ladies who cook. Ladies who who can kick your arse. And me. ...more

Sounds like D.C. was as great as Boston.  The Reach Out tour was just awesome!

I look ...more

BlogHer Boston Bonanza

I had a bloggeriffic time Saturday at the BlogHer Boston conference. The best part was networking with other women bloggers, some of whom had backgrounds very different from my own. I even went to a session on food blogging just for the heck of it. (I actually have a secret desire to be a food blogger, but not enough time. I love to cook, but sometimes I’m lucky if I get a pot of water boiled for pasta during the week.) I also enjoyed chatting about the business and marketing side of the online world, stuff I worked on as a full-time professional before becoming a mom. ...more

The BlogHer DC Bathroom Brigade

This post would be 1000x more compelling if it was accompanied by pictorial evidence. I had such evidence, but it seems my camera has been stolen. I hope it turns up, but in the meantime, here goes: The BlogHer DC Bathroom Brigade Any time I go to some event and stand in the line for the women's bathroom that inevitably snakes around a corner while the man's bathroom remains unoccupied, the conversation about who designs buildings and 'why don't we just use the men's bathroom' commences. And only sometimes does anyone really take action. ...more


You're right, Candelaria--there are usually some unoccupied bathrooms hidden ...more

Blogher, Obama, McCain, Twitter, Social Networking!

"Thank You" is all that I can say! Today was the result of the best money I ever spent! To learn so much from so many empowered women took my breath away. Blogher and this conference made an impact on my life that I can never repay. I am still trying to remember all of the women and all of the lessons that were shared with me today! YOU GO GIRLS! I am proud to be in your midst! claudia@claudiabroome.com www.tohaveandtoholdhostage.com ...more


I was going to post about the adventure Karen, Sam and I had on the New York Interstate, however Karen has already beat me to that. What she has to say is perfect - she emotes the feelings we all had perfectly. Despite the FAIL of OnStar at that particular moment, we were very happy to have the onboard phone system to contact the hospital for that poor woman. Karen was so compassionate, so kind to this woman - as I saw her programming the woman's navigational system and then rubbing her back and offering words of encouragement I knew that Karen's kindness runs deep in her soul. ...more

Blogging Basics: Managing Information Overload: How to Find Your Blogging Community

Blogging Basics: Managing Information Overload: How to Find Your Blogging Community This session focused on how to control your urge to be everywhere and using every tool in sight instead of strategizing about your goals. That's the key: know your goal, and you can then figure out which tools to use. Another key is to limit your time using each tool that you decide you must have in your toolbox. How about a low-tech blog-timer? We also spoke about some key tools in our bloggers toolbox. Featuring: Sarah BraeschCynthia Samuels ...more