Online Community Building for Political Action

Description: In this session we'll talk about translating the raised awareness and consciousness that online community can build into concrete political action. How do you get people to sign up, sign on, sign petitions, write letters, call Congresspeople and how much action can be taken at the screen vs. by stepping away from the screen. moderates this discussion with PunditMom and Momocrat Moderator: Shireen Mitchell Speakers: ...more

Getting Your Blog House In Order

I had the pleasure of being a panelist at the Boston BlogHer ReachOut Tour. The women in our session were amazing, and asked equally amazing questions. Since our focus was helping people feel comfortable with hacking, coding, or just plain starting a blog, I came up with an analogy to help the women in my group feel more comfortable with the basic terminology. It went over like gangbusters.  ...more

Blogging Basics: 6 Steps to Personalize, Polish & Promote Your Blog

Description: Join BlogHer's Liz Henry and a team of subject-matter experts for a quick and effective blog makeover. Let's look at your blog, whether you've got one post up or 100, and give it some love. Liz will explain 6 simple steps you can take to give your blog a tune-up, and then we'll break into small groups to try out some of what you've learned. These 6 steps can help clarify to your readers who you are and what you write. Whether you use WordPress, Blogger, TypePad, or any other platform - you and your platform are welcome. Speakers: ...more

Saturn and OnStar Saved The Day!

When Sam, Double Agent Girl and I stopped at a rest stop on the I-90 on the way to BlogHer Boston, the only thing on our minds was feeding baby Hudson, and making sure we got to BlogHer safely. We had seen an ambulance at the side of the highway a few minutes before we pulled over, but no real evidence of a car accident, and Sam intuitively said, "Maybe it was a heart attack." Unfortunately Sam was right.  ...more

My Darling,

I cannot tell you how much fun I had travelling with you and Sam this ...more

BLOGHER DC: Online Community Building as Natural Promotional Tool

Online Community Building as Natural Promotional Tool Tips on how to better present your blog. This session focused on marketing your blog. The key is to use Online Community Building as a marketing and communications tool. A key focus really is to use social media, of which there are many available tools.  Featuring (detailed bios in the end) Elisa Camahort PageAngela Benton-ConyerJocelyn HarmonAlexandra Rampy (aka Social Butterfly)Rachel Rappaport ...more

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Baby Steps: Calming the social anxiety

Would it be a bad thing to tell you that I didn't have a chance to do my mid-BlogHer Reach Out post? Would you understand if I told you that I had so much fun meeting new friends and see some of the city that I wasn't sitting at my computer very often? I thought you may be understanding.  ...more

Woman's Day, Power Day, Lovely Day - Blogher Reach Out Tour - Boston

A woman's DAAAYYYY!!!! (Woman's Day, Power, Day, Lovely Day...think of the Bill Withers' song - "Lovely Day" as the theme music for this entry.) How privileged was I to attend the BlogHer Reach Out Tour in Boston   on October 11?Incredibly privileged.  I received: ...more

My First Blogher Conference

I have never been to a blogging  conference and to have  Blogher be my first was amazing. The amount of information , Friendship,  and Passion was wonderful. I have not felt this powerful and in control of my future since I worked full time before having children. It was a weekend of discoveries mixed with thoughts of future endeavors . ...more

BlogHer DC - The Liveblogs

BlogHer DC kicks off bright and early on October 13, 2008. This is the place to find the liveblogs, which will be posted shortly after the sessions end. Check back often as the links go live! * * * * * * *   Blogging Basics: I Blog, Therefore I Am… How to find your blogging mojo Online Community building as natural promotional tool ...more

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Questions from the BlogHer Boston Geek Lab

We had a steady stream of conversations and template hacking in the Geek Lab at BlogHer Boston yesterday. Here were some of the major questions that came up (and my quick-version answers, for those hacking at home): Q: How can I find photos that are okay to blog? ...more

Even if I didn't have any questions that needed answering. It was fantastic to see everyone ...more