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BlogHer recently conducted a study among over 1,000 women to determine how they were making decisions about purchasing consumer electronics. One of the key findings determined that women look to blogs over social networks before they buy. Blogs trump social networks as a source for tech purchasing advice for all online women. 84% of the women in the BlogHer community report they made technology purchases based on blog advice, versus only 56% relying on advice from social networks. A significant 69% of U.S. women online say they rely on blogs versus only 53% turning to social networks.

Tech Devices that Do It All Are Tops for Women

We asked women to tell us which consumer electronic devices were the most important in their lives.  All-in-one tech itmes topped the list.

Women Want Online Reviews

When they are looking for information to help with a consumer electronics purchase, BlogHer women (69%) overwhelmingly turn to blog reviews and recommendations for advice. Nearly half (48%) of the women in the general online population also turn to blog reviews.  Sources that were not considered as important were Social Networks, Mobile Apps and Twitter.

Mobile Rates Vary Among Different Ethnicities

Asian and African American respondents reported that they used mobile apps to help with a tech purchase at a much higher rate.

All Groups Consider Themselves Price Conscious

All ethnicities identified themselves as "Price Conscious" shoppers when it comes to consumer electronics.  Not surprising in this economy.  African Americans also showed the highest rates of identifying themselves as "Early Adopters" and "Leading Edge" for tech products.

What Do You Want From the Gadget Genie?

We asked women what they wanted most of all from a "Gadget Genie" if price was not a factor.  If it's free, most women want their Apple iPads and iPhones!

For greater detail and more information about BlogHer's Consumer Electronic's Study, check out the full presentation deck in this post.








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