BlogHer Demystified

You’ll be happy to know, or at least those of you who were here yesterday will be, that I cleaned my shower. Suck it, Carter.
But we’re not going to be talking about my werewolf hair today. Today, we’re going to be talking more marketing. Why?
It’s complicated. I was raised Catholic and am now a hybrid protestant/heathen Catholic/Buddhist-who-enjoys-bacon tendencies. But let me tell you something, kittens – Catholic guilt don’t go away, even if you, yourself, do. It’s indoctrinated. And so, as it is Good Friday, I felt weird writing about my uterus or Grumpy Cat obsession or how I have what my mom calls an “oral fixation” and always seem to have the collars of my shirts in my mouth when I am watching TV and so it looks like I've drooled everywhere because I’m precious like that. And yes, I know that the reason guilt works the way it does is because we project it upon ourselves, but still. So, this means that I will not be sacrilegious today… much… and will instead be sharing with you a wildly informative post about how to use BlogHer.
Ready? (Wheeeee!)

BlogHer Demystified 
Let’s get down to business, shall we? I have heard more than one fellow blogger complain about how mystifying the BlogHer website is and bemoaning the fact that it is difficult to navigate. And, at first, I completely agreed with them. (OK, fine. Until writing this post, I completely agreed with them. But I went into the trenches and figured it out so that you don't have to!) I realized that the reason the BlogHer website and interface is so complicated is because there is so. much. material. posted.
Why is this? I would guess it’s because BlogHer is a site that hosts and promotes blogs and their bloggers and since we bloggers tend to be the most prolific of writers, there is a ton of material to post. And at first, using the website is a bit like trying to speak Mandarin Chinese from a phrase book when you have no idea how to read the characters.
Ok, so it’s not that bad. But it is overwhelming. More like trying to order gelato in Rome with actual grown-up, Italian words rather than just going, “Uh….” and pointing to both the cup size and the flavor while the super-hot, Italian gelato-man smiles kindly but you can see behind his eyes that he’s thinking, “Geez, what a dumbass - can’t even say ‘small’ and ‘strawberry?’ Maybe she’s mute. Maybe I’m just being a dick. But she’s cute, no? And I like cute ladies. And she can’t talk to me so I that means I won’t have to listen and so we can just make out like monkeys all over the Pantheon.” …only in Italian. I may or may not have a thing for Italian men who work in Roman gelato shops. Ask Omar. Sorry, Carter. xoxo
Anyways, I’m going to demystify the process for you. Let’s start at the very beginning.
Ok…. Let’s not start at the VERY beginning. I’m assuming that all of you have BlogHer accounts. You know... since you're here. 
So when you log into BlogHer, you should see something like this:


This is the BlogHer Homepage and here are the main things you need to know (follow the numbers, kittens!):
1.   These tabs will take you to the sections which are part of BlogHer but different than blog posts. BlogHer TV includes video posts on everything from parenting to politics to makeup. It’s pretty cool.
2.   This is the nitty-gritty area that we’ll discuss next in GREAT detail.
3.   This is basically your main navigation bar. You can click on any of those topics and you will be directed to that topics specific page, where you will see posts that have been syndicated within that topic as well as people who have posted on their own and listed the post as pertaining to that topic. (More on this later)
4.   This is the section that displays the most popular syndicated posts. (Shameless plug for a friend here: the post you’re looking at was written by my friend and one of my BlogHer'13 roomies, the lovely Jennifer Bosse from Defining My Happy. You should check out her blog and then give her a sparkle on BlogHer! And yes, I’ll explain that, too.)
Got it? Good. Let’s move on to section 2. You with me? Click on Profile.
You will see something like this:
Your Personal Dashboard. So here’s what it means:
1.   This is your toolbox, essentially. This includes all of the links you will need to utilize to edit your profile, etc. (And yes, I’ll show you how.)


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