BlogHer Dreams: 8 Bloggers Go for Their Gold

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The Olympics are the culmination of so many athletes' dreams. What are your dreams? We talked to eight bloggers about their journey to reach personal goals.

Katherine Stone

The journey to fulfilling my dreams can be summed up in this one quote from author Annie Dillard: "I had been my whole life a bell, and never knew it until at that moment I was lifted and struck."

I always felt I needed to do something meaningful with my life but continually struggled to figure out what it was. Then I was struck with postpartum depression and I had this gut reaction – the kind that nags at you that you can only ignore for so long until you must act – that I needed to help other women. It's hard to imagine something so awful could lead you to your avocation, but it pushed me toward focusing my life on being a voice for suffering pregnant and new mothers.

That passion, and the motivation I get from bloggers around me who are constantly raising their game, has spurred me on over the last eight years to create the most widely-read blog in the entire world on PPD. The world! I marvel at the accomplishment so many of us have been able to achieve via our words, our creativity and our dedication. -- Katherine Stone, Postpartum Progress

Katherine Stone


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