The BlogHer Economy in 2013: $25 Million, 55 Million Women a Month...and Growing

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Hi everyone,

The BlogHer Mission: To create opportunities for women in social media to gain exposure, education, community and economic empowerment.

I'm excited to update you on BlogHer’s progress this year on our goals of creating greater exposure and economic empowerment for this community. As many of you know, Elisa, Jory and I co-founded BlogHer -- working WITH women, and men -- to create an entirely new kind of media and publishing company. At BlogHer '12, in a closing discussion called The BlogHer Economy 2012, we gave an update on our successes to date as a publisher and shared our expansion plans.

BlogHer '12 Economy

Six months later, here's how those plans are translating into a real contribution in dollars and sense for those of you in our publishing community:

$25 Million to Our Community

BlogHer has now paid out more than $25 million to 5,000 bloggers and social media influencers from 2009 to 2012: that’s your share of editorial and advertorial work for hire, as well as advertising revenue. (Yes, that number has grown by 50 percent since last year, for those of you who heard us say that BlogHer had paid out $17 million at our summer conference.)

55 Million Women Every Month...And Growing

While the number of blogs in our publishing community—3,000—has remained steady for the past three years, we’ve been working to help raise the profiles of these influencers and grow their traffic year-over-year, using social media, speaking engagements and marketing campaigns to spotlight community leaders BlogHer now reaches more than 55 million women worldwide every month (Nielsen), a year-over-year increase of 32 percent, including:

Food: BlogHer is now the #1 food network for women ages 18-34 (comScore), and the #3 food network in the U.S., right after and The Food Network.

Lifestyle: BlogHer is now the #5 largest lifestyle network for women 18-34 and #10 in the U.S. (comScore), right after companies like Meredith, Yahoo! and Condé Nast. 

#1 Cross-platform Publisher For Women: BlogHer is now the #1 cross-platform publishing company built for, by and WITH women. In 2012 we invested further in proprietary technology on in order to expand our publishing services via your profiles to embrace ALL your social media influence—we can now publish your work on blogs, video, mobile, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, as well as new social mediums as they emerge (more here). As your publisher, we use these on-demand influencer tools, our events and to help you accomplish your goals financially, professionally and personally. With these services, we have been able to expand beyond the 3,000 blogs running advertising, to include more than 7,000 active social media influencers, all of whom embrace our standards for quality, and a new product line for marketers.

Let's focus on that one special ingredient used by every member of our publishing community: Quality. Every Influencer in our network is carefully selected for the quality and credibility with which they blog, Facebook, Tweet and Pin. Leveraging our team's backgrounds in traditional and Internet media, we have discovered a new generation of extraordinary, award-winning talent -- in social storytelling, multimedia, and yes, journalism -- and made it our business to help this talent develop and get compensated for your influence and your work. I'm talking about your stories, recipes, how-tos, essays, photography and videos that cover everything from pop culture to politics and policy to style and cuisine. Together, we are the premium solution for quality advocacy at scale for any marketer who wants their brand and their business associated with the most influential communities of women online.

What's Next?

Inspired by our mutual growth these past six months, and with one eye always on the trends that are driving the industry we are all innovating in together, the BlogHer team is now working on a number of new opportunities to keep each of you in our community at the forefront of the social media industry, including: 


In 2013, BlogHer will expand our services to bloggers by launching the #1 mobile network to promote and monetize blogs that serve women. Users tell us they want to take the friendly brilliance of our bloggers everywhere. We are hard at work on ways to make sure your audiences can thumb their way to you wherever they are, without missing a beat in helping you earn new revenue streams to invest in your businesses and support your families.

Tablet-friendly eye candy

In 2013, BlogHer will gift every blogger in our publishing community with the option of offering your readers a beautiful, browseable, tablet-friendly, interface for surfing and sharing your content. Given how much web traffic and commerce is being driven by tablet usage, and the quality of photography, crafts, illustrations and art on your blogs, we are excited to bring you this opportunity to strengthen your relationships with your existing community members—and build bridges to new ones. 

Expanded revenue opportunities

It's well known that women control discretionary household income, including automotive and electronics. But did you also know that 87 percent of the BlogHer community's audience says they have bought a product based on the recommendation of a blogger? From social advertising techniques that lead the industry on engagement metrics, to sponsored video starring influencers, to the world's largest real-life events for social media influencers, BlogHer's digital sales playbook is expanding.

The digital advertising market is changing, and BlogHer is poised to help publishers navigate the changes to this important source of income. Now that the typical January inventory lull experienced across the industry is behind us, I'm pleased to announce that we are on track to make 2013 BlogHer’s largest year yet for developing marketing and revenue opportunities for our community. We invite you to stay tuned because throughout the rest of the year we’ll have a number of new announcements up our sleeves. Watch this space! 

Thank you

On behalf of the entire BlogHer team, we hope you are as excited and motivated by this news as we are. Here's to a terrific 2013 and our work together. We'd love to hear any and all feedback and suggestions you have on these updates, ideas and next steps in the comments on this post or at




for Elisa Camahort Page, Jory Des Jardins and Lisa Stone, BlogHer Co-founders


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