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Senna Correct & Conceal

I love makeup and have to work hard not to splurge too much on little pick-me-ups. But when it comes to concealer, it's not frivolity or vanity -- it's necessity. Did you know that dark circles are most often not from lack of sleep? Prepare yourself for weird knowledge: It's because as we, um, "age," the fat layer under our skin dissolves, revealing the blue blood vessels underneath. No cream will ever fix them. And that is why concealers are my addiction, and I can't wait to try Senna's Correct & Conceal. There are three shades to blend, so that ALL the face's many indignities -- red spots, dark circles -- can be addressed with the colors they need. Best face forward!

Senna Correct & Conceal

Buy Senna's Correct & Conceal for $38.

Stacy Morrison, Editor in Chief



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