BlogHer Entrepreneurs '12: Day Two in Tweets

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BlogHer Entrepreneurs was in full swing today. If you missed yesterday's Day in Tweets post, you should really check it out for some inspiring, informative words from smart people. I'm going to cut straight to the chase today as we had a lot more content and many more amazing tweets.

The day started out with a welcome breakfast with our Co-Founders (Lisa, Elisa and Jory) and our host from Citrix Systems, Catherine Courage. One of the main things people took away from the message was one about mentoring.

Be sure to check out that liveblog to understand that second tweet!

Following breakfast, our attendees split up for mentoring and networking sessions. I am hoping some of our attendees go into depth about their mentoring sessions on their own blogs (or even here on BlogHer!) in the next week or so, because I bet we would all benefit from hearing about their experiences.

Next up came not one but two amazing lunch keynotes from our friends at Penguin.

After lunch, attendees got to pick which breakout session(s) they wanted to attend. The tweets between the six of these amazing panels are too numerous to post in one place. I picked one from each to give you a general overview of what people were thinking while these amazing panelists were talking.

From High-Level Hiring:

From The App Economy:

From Creative Bootstrapping:

From C-Suite Language:

From Making Partnerships Work:

From Social Commerce: Gamification, Rewards, Trust:

The day rounded out with what seems like, from the liveblog and the tweets, an amazing closing keynote. BlogHer always delivers on those closing keynotes, let me tell you. You're totally amazed by what is being said and, suddenly, it's over and you just want to say, "But wait! I don't want it to end!" In fact, that's what some people tweeted!

What a day!

We didn't have enough time or space to give you all of the general "it was so awesome" kind of tweets. But don't worry, we'll be bringing you some general "this is what I thought about the conference" tweets tomorrow, so be sure to check back. Until then, don't forget to check out all of our liveblogs. I know that reading them has inspired me and we hope it does the same for you!


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