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It's hard to believe that BlogHer Entrepreneurs '13 has been over for a full week. It feels like just yesterday that I was retweeting a ton of amazing advice from top entrepreneurs! I've been following what our attendees have been writing in their own spaces and around the web since the conference. Today I'm bringing you their thoughts and reactions as they still have a wealth of information to share with those who couldn't attend or those who might have been in a different session. I love how the inspiration and help from attendees and mentors alike continue to flow after a conference of this nature; it speaks volumes about our attendees and the heart of entrepreneurship as a whole.

BlogHer Entrepreneurs '13

As Skype was our sponsor, Shana Pearlman shared her thoughts over at the Skype Workspace blog, including a few of her favorite moments.

“It should always be a yes, until you know it’s a no.”

And this led to the second quote, from Heidi Roizen, about negotiating deals. Whether you’re pitching for funding or selling your idea to a potential customer, she says to keep the mindset that the deal is going to happen, until you know it isn’t. This confidence will help you make big things happen – people like to work with confident people. It makes them feel better about doing business with you when they see that you believe in your success.

Tatiana Natzke shared her post with our readers on, dispensing a little bit of advice that ended off working for her.

So how do you differentiate yourself from the rest of the unwashed masses clamoring for their moment in the spotlight? Enter event networking. Do your research and find out exactly who you’re trying to reach. Identify what events their company hosts, or which events they plan to attend. Buy a ticket, and make a beeline for that person during the first networking session. Tell them in person why your content is perfect for their audience, and follow up while your face is still fresh in their memory.

This was my strategy at BlogHer Entrepreneurs, and let me tell you: IT WORKS. You’re automatically elevated from the endless list of other content creators, and you’re no longer just another name in someone’s inbox. Never underestimate the power of a face-to-face connection.

Think Feminist wrote about how inspired she was to meet and listen to a bunch of Venture Capitalists at the conference.

Nothing prepares you for this flood of energetic, inspiring, ruthlessly engaging and downright sexy female Venture Capitalists at BlogHer Entrepreneurs Conference. I repeat, nothing. For one, I knew nothing about the VC world, all I knew was that VCs invest money into your business but the process seems very hard to fathom or understand. The 90min session that brought top VCs in Silicon Valley together to engage conference participants in discussion on how to approach a VC, where you need to be in the process, and the kinds of businesses they invest in was one of the highlights of the conference.

Hearing from these women – Cindy Padnos of Illuminate Ventures, Aileen Lee of Cowboy Ventures/KPCB, Christine Herron of Intel Capital, Sonja Hoel Perkins of Broadway Angels and Ann Winblad of Hummer Winblad – on who they want to work with, and how you should pitch them, I got very excited.

Julie Thorne Engles shared her thoughts about the conference with us via email, allowing us to quote her.

For many years before launching my start-up, I was at the helm of a consumer engagement marketing agency in LA. Our clients love BlogHer since you all connect their brands with the women who bring them to life. That said, this was the first time I've attended myself and I'm so impressed with the generosity of spirit, the depth of knowledge and experience and the driving force of openness and curiosity.

Last, but certainly not least, is a tweet from Melissa Hanna.

Whether you attended BlogHer Entrepreneurs '13 or not, I encourage you to check out our Virtual Conference so you can read through our liveblogs, listen to some podcasts of sessions, and check out the great photos. Also, check out Day One and Day Two in Tweets, or even revisit the #BlogHerENT hashtag; some great links, new tweets and retweets are still being shared.

As always, we'd like to thank our sponsors, speakers, mentors, attendees and virtual attendees for making this such a fantastic and productive conference. Be sure to check out our upcoming conference lineup for more inspiration and motivation!


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