BlogHer Entrepreneurs Is Back: This March 21-22 in Silicon Valley

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Today, we are thrilled to bring back a unique opportunity we first launched in 2011: The third annual BlogHer Entrepreneurs Conference will take place March 21-22, 2013 at the Microsoft Silicon Valley Campus Conference Center in Mountain View, CA. We thank our host sponsor Skype, now a division of Microsoft Corp., for making this event possible.

Who should attend? If you're a woman who has a big idea that involves technology, the Internet or media, then this event is for you.

Why should you attendHeidi Roizen, Venture Partner at leading VC firm Draper Fisher Jurvetson sums it up pretty well:

"I've been to a lot of conferences. I can honestly say I've never been to one that has more thoughtful and energizing conversations than BlogHer Entrepreneurs.  I always come away learning valuable lessons and meeting amazing people."
-Heidi Roizen, Venture Partner at Draper Fisher Jurvetson


BlogHer Entrepreneurs


I urge you to read Lisa's post from 2011 introducing the inaugural conference and why we felt compelled to launch the event. Much like the original BlogHer Conference, we got activated; we announced the event, and less than 120 days later we hosted 100 impressive attendees, joined by 50 pioneering entrepreneurs, technologists and business leaders, for a day of intensive learning, one-on-one mentorship and high-quality networking.

The size of this event remains intimate (only 100 slots, so grab yours!), but the duration of the conference has extended to two days. What will follow is a jam-packed schedule designed to help you take your idea, concept, or company to the next level...whatever that means for you.The core purpose remains the same: To connect today's business leaders to the next generation of ambitious women, and help fill every stage of the start-up pipeline.

Whether you're considering a start-up of your own, are already on the entrepreneurial journey, or are innovating from inside a company, we invite you to join us at BlogHerEntrepreneurs '13.

The Agenda:

Hosted by Skype at Microsoft's Mountain view, CA Conference Center

The full program will include:

  • Curated Mentor Session: Each attendee receives a private mentoring session with one of the 50 leaders in attendance. BlogHer curates this experience, matching mentors and attendees based on interests and needs
  • Networking reception: Connect with mentors and attendees in a more informal setting
  • Peer Networking: Dedicated segment to facilitate peer-learning and fruitful relationship-building
  • Skills Workshops and Learning: Focused on delivering actionable information you can use right now to take the next step. Programming covers Business Leadership, Entrepreneurism Fundamentals, and Technology Must-Haves
  • Resources & Success Stories: True tales of BlogHer community member success stories, and the resources that are available to help you do the same, regardless of what stage your idea is in

What You Need to Make the Most of BlogHer Entrepreneurs '13

(1) An idea. Or a fledgling business. Or both.

We invite you to attend if you have a big idea and need encouragement to build it into a business. We invite you if you already have your seed or angel funding and want to take it to the next level. We invite you if you want to lead an innovative new program or initiative at your company. Are you anywhere in between? Great -- join us!

(2) Do your homework.
Generate talking points about your idea, concept or business. Bring a full-blown pitch deck or business plan, if you have one. And if you don't have one now, you have until March 21, and we're here to help.

(3) Invite men from venture capital, technology, business and entrepreneurship
One final point, so as to be explicit: Men are absolutely and enthusiastically invited to attend this event. Lisa, Jory and I have met dozens of men in the industry -- from VCs to engineers -- who openly seek our advice on how and where to recruit women for their start-ups and businesses, and who contribute thoughtfully to the discussion about women in tech. So yes indeed, we invite men interested in funding, hiring or advancing entrepreneurial women to please join us. And if you know women who would benefit from this event, contact Kristin Auger about sponsoring a table of them!

If you're still wondering if this is for you, let me quote Michelle Magoffin, who attended the event in 2011 and 2012:

I can't thank you ladies enough for starting the entrepreneurs conference. I would never have headed down this path without it.

-Michelle Magoffin, Founder, Bossy Interactive and Co-founder, Sprawl3

So: Let's go! Who's in? Register now for BlogHerEntrepreneurs '13! 

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