BlogHer Entrepreneurs Is Not Just for Other People: An Interview with Michelle Magoffin

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Today I am pleased to bring you another interview for BlogHer Entrepreneurs '13, taking place next week in Silicon Valley. If you're unsure about attending, doubting your ticket purchase or dealing with pre-conference jitters, you definitely need to take time and read the amazingly inspiring words shared with me by Michelle Magoffin. She attended BlogHer Entrepreneurs in 2011 and 2012 and it changed the course of her career. In addition to being inspired by her work, you need to read all the way through her interview to check out a great deal she has for conference attendees!

But heed this warning: Her words may make you want to take that Big Idea you've been considering for awhile now and actually do something with it. Read on with caution!

Michelle Magoffin

How did you make that decision to branch out on your own after 13 years of working for other Internet companies?

I had never considered myself to be entrepreneurial. When I went to the first BlogHer Entrepreneurs conference, it wasn't called that. I went as an "intrapreneur," someone who wants to innovate from within their company. But, hearing all the stories of the women onstage and at the conference who had succeeded on their own, or who were just getting started, was so inspiring. I realized that the reason I hadn't considered being an entrepreneur before was out of fear of the unknown, and I simply needed an education about that world. When I went to the second BlogHer Entrepreneurs conference, last year, I finally got the push and the help I needed to take the last step. I went out on my own three months later. I never would have done that if I hadn't attended those two conferences.

With your experience in social media, how might up-and-coming entrepreneurs best utilize social media to promote themselves and their big idea?

Social media isn't about promotion, it's about relationships. Think about the conversations you have with the people you know, or people you've just met. You learn a bit about each other, and you talk about a lot of things, not just your business and your product. Do exactly that on social media. Be a real person. Talk about everything you are doing. Ask for help if you need it. Share relevant in your industry, or of interest to your core audience. When you have a relationship with someone, one in which you provide value, that person will be more interested in hearing your message, and helping you to spread it to their networks.


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