BlogHer Food '09, the Closing Keynote: Food Blogging, Now and Forever

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BlogHer Food 09 Today we bring you the Closing Keynote of BlogHer Food '09, BlogHer's inaugural food blogging event.

Here's the description from the online agenda:

Foodblogging, now and forever
Everyone seems to agree that successful blogging...whether your "success" is measured in money, career opportunities or deep relationships and strong community ties...requires commitment, longevity, patience. How do you build your site and community authentically? How do you sustain momentum and avoid burnout? What keeps it fresh? A surprising number of BlogHer Food attendees, and bloggers in general, have brought up "blogger burnout" as a concern of theirs. Even if they've only been blogging a year or two.

This keynote conversation will explore how three bloggers who have been at this a while...and at a very high level of accomplishment...keep on keeping on. Elise Bauer, Ree Drummond and David Lebovitz are very different kinds of bloggers, with very different approaches. If they share one thing in common, it's the passion that they have tapped into in order to be dedicated and constant bloggers over a combined 14 years. BlogHer co-founder Lisa Stone will moderate this discussion and give us all a peek into what makes Elise, David and Ree tick...and get their tips for helping us all keep ticking.

We're excited to bring all three of these food blogging powerhouses to San Francisco next month to share the secrets not of their success, but of their undying dedication.


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