BlogHer Conference Update: February 19, 2010

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BlogHer Conference Update: February 12, 2010

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BlogHer Conference Update: February 5, 2010

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You guys are spoiling us with the sweet sentiment - thank you!!!



Announcing BlogHer Food '10, October 8-9 in San Francisco

Today, I'm thrilled to announce the dates and venue for BlogHer Food '10, our second annual food blogging conference!BlogHer Food will take place on October 8th and 9th at the beautiful Palace Hotel in San Francisco, CA.So, to anticipate your immediate questions:...more

Sounds fantastic. I can't wait!!



October 8 - Day 1
Time Event
8:30am Day One Breakfast
9:15am Welcome, featuring BlogHer founders, Elisa Camahort Page and Lisa Stone
10:00am Values – A Good Food Fight: Food safety, food policy, food equality
Visuals - Food Photography for Food Bloggers: How to capture your best photo in restaurants and your home kitchens
Vocation - New to Food Blogging? How Do You Stand Out In a Crowded Food Blogosphere?
Voice - Writing Tips: The Basic Tools in Any Writer's Gear Bag
11:15am Demos and Sampling One
12:00pm Lunch: Innovator Interview: Dominique Crenn
1:30pm Values - Our Food Future: Kids, Cooking and Health
Visuals - Taking It to the Next Level: Professionalizing Your Photography
Vocation - How Bloggers Work with Brands and Media: Advanced Techniques to Professionalize Your Blogging
Voice - Storytelling
3:00pm Values - Blogger Ethics: What are your rights and responsibilities, especially in a post-FTC Guidelines world?
Visuals - Multimedia: Be Your Own Food Network
Vocation - SEO for Food Bloggers (Beginner Level)
Voice - The Social You: How do you maintain your singular voice across all your platforms and media, from through the lens to 140 characters?
4:15pm Demos and Sampling Two
5:00pm Innovator Interview: Aida Mollenkamp
6:30pm BlogHer/Food Fete Welcome Party


Hotel and Directions