BlogHer Food '12: What You Tweeted After

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Happy re-entry after BlogHer Food '12 Monday! We hope you've exited your food-and-fun coma and are readjusting to your normal, everyday routine. If it makes you feel any better, we're struggling with the process as well, as made evident by our Social Media Manager's tweet earlier today:

One way we like to wrap up a conference is by looking at what you've been tweeting about the conference as a whole. We already covered your thoughts on sessions (from both day one and day two), so these tweets are more of the general "this is what I thought about BlogHer Food '12." They include inspiration to do new things, humor and everything in between.

I chuckled while reading a few of the "omg, the food was good and home food/life/etc isn't the same" tweets. There were many!

One thing people kept mentioning was how they were happy to meet either their favorite food bloggers or other new-to-them-but-totally-awesome bloggers.

As you might imagine, people are inspired to do things with and to their blogs.

It always warms our heart when people give unsolicited praise for our events!

Of course, since people loved this conference so much, there's a lot of talk about BlogHer Food '13 which will be held in Austin, TX on June 7-8 next year!

If your tweet isn't included here, as there were far too many to put in one post, why don't you tell us what you thought of BlogHer Food '12?

Additionally, we'll be bringing you a round-up post of the conference wrap-up posts you all have been writing and posting in your own spaces. Stay tuned for that as well as our official photos. Some of them are already on the Virtual Conference photo page, so check them out. Speaking of the Virtual Conference, all of our liveblogs are up, so be sure to check them out!


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