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I love to read write-ups of conferences after attendees arrive home. The experiences are always wide and varied, as no two people can attend the same conference and have the same experiences. Our BlogHer Food '12 attendees proved just that with their great wrap-up posts which we are briefly highlighting today. If you didn't go or even if you did go, I encourage you to read through some of these posts and see what people experienced, thought, felt, photographed and ate at BlogHer Food in Seattle.

Rebekah at PDX Food Love wrote about the whirlwind that is a BlogHer Food conference:

When Day 1 of BlogHer Food began, I had no idea that it was basically going to be 0 to 60 the moment breakfast started – in the best way possible. Once I walked past the registration table, I was in a sea of bloggers, sponsors and amazing food presentations. They were very good to us!

Melanie at The Coupon Goddess wrote about being a non-specific-food-blogger (she's a coupon blogger who also writes about cooking) at a foodie conference.

BlogHer Food. Where do I even start? I guess we can start with why I went. A good portion of this blog is dedicated to food and cooking, which is kind of unique to a coupon blog. So, to say I was nervous about attending a food blogger conference with people who primarily focus on food, not coupons, was intimidating to say the least.

I had heard that this particular conference is very clique heavy and that if you weren't a major name in the food blogging community, that people would ignore you. I found this to be mostly untrue. I had no problems making friends and connections because people were friendly and I'm not shy. I guess that's a good combination.

Susie at Return to Sunday Supper brought up that the Fairmont Olympic went above and beyond before launching into a (beautiful) description of her experience at Pike Place Market.

I promised myself that I would not show multiple pictures of folks mostly hidden behind microphones in this post. So, I’ll just say that there were many inspiring speeches and interesting lessons learned and wonderful sponsors…thank you. Also, I’d like to give a big shout out to The Fairmont Olympic Hotel…they really made us feel at home, special, pampered and very well fed…I’m going to dream about that smoked salmon!

Melissa at Dash of East wrote about the conference from a speaker's perspective (and gives a "you must eat this in Seattle" recommendation):

One moment that I do remember is while I was giving my introduction, I happened to look up at the audience and noticed Todd & Diane in the audience. Immediately my stomach turned into mush and I have no idea how I managed my way through the rest of my presentation. How often does that happen? When you look up at your first speaking engagement and see a couple of your heroes in the audience? Needless to say, the rest of the session was a blur. Thank goodness for Rebekah, who did an incredible job moderating our panel.

Photo Credit: Danielle Tsi.

Of course, there were many more write-ups about the conference, but we can't quote them all. We can't even list them all! Here are five more that you might enjoy reading.

Have you written about your experience at BlogHer Food '12? We'd love to read what you thought and wrote and see what you photographed. Feel free to leave a link below! Once again, we are thankful for our amazing attendees and the way they share their experiences with us after a conference. Don't forget: If you read a review post about a session you missed, our Virtual Conference is home to all of our liveblogs!


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