BlogHer Conference Update - - February 24, 2012

Wow, we've made a lot of announcements this week and we have plenty of reminders too!  So let's just jump right in... Announcements: BlogHer '12 Preliminary Agenda and Room of Your Own -- it's official the preliminary agenda and Room of Your Own (ROYO) process is posted and ready for you to view!...more

BlogHer Conference Update - - February 17, 2012

Happy Weekend friends, time for a packed weekly update! First, a little housekeeping... Monday (here is the US) is a holiday, Presidents' Day -- so we'll be enjoying a long weekend. Now onto our updates......more

BlogHer Conference Update - - February 10, 2012

Happy Weekend! We've had another busy week and we're happy to share a very important announcement and some gentle reminders, onward and forward... We are pleased to announce the International Activist BlogHer Scholarship Nominations for 2012....more

BlogHer Conference Update - - February 3, 2012

Happy weekend friends! We've had a couple of really great announcements this week so I want to make sure you are up to speed on all conference related items. On Thursday Elisa announced our first group of mentors for the Entrepreneurs event in March. ...more
@cookingwithkary yes, we are going! last year was amazing! definitely come Kary!more

Announcing the BlogHer Food '12 Agenda!

Today I'm excited to announce the agenda for this year's BlogHer Food conference, June 8-9 in Seattle! We received a bushel of proposals for topics, speakers, and full-blown panels. Our valiant BlogHer Food '12 Conference Advisory Committee (named in this post) spent their end-of-the-year holidays poring over your ideas, and delivered up their recommendations. We can't thank them enough for their contribution. This past few weeks, we here at BlogHer took your submissions and their recommendations and did our best to sift and sort, making sure we put together a program that was nutritious yet indulgent, reliably gratifying with an undertone of the unexpected and notes of inspiration....more
@amnichols So glad you noticed! We've been listening: by now, such a range of folks attend the ...more

BlogHer Food '12 Call for Volunteers

**********UPDATE: The BlogHer Food '12 Call for Volunteers is Now Closed************Is your tummy rumbling for another BlogHer Food conference, but your bank account is a little thin this year? Sign up to volunteer for the conference and you could get a free admission and a very happy tummy!...more
@cameraintow should we try and crash it?? ;)more

BlogHer Conference Update -- January 20, 2012

Happy Weekend! Lots of fun things happening here with the BlogHer Conferences team so let's get started... Did you see we have launched our Call for Volunteers for both BlogHer '12 in NYC and BlogHerEntrepreneurs? Check out what a BlogHership is all about and submit your request. We have said it from the beginning: Our volunteers help make our events so special....more
I'd just like to point out that for those of us with very little money, it really stinks that ...more

BlogHer Conference Update - - January 14, 2012

Happy Saturday -- and for some long weekend! It's been another busy week for the conferences team here at BlogHer so let's get started. First! We have issued our Call for Volunteers for BlogHer '12 in NYC. What you get and what you give are outlined in the post but it's pretty simple: give us a few hours of your time and we'll give you a full conference pass (other expenses are not included)....more
@RagstoStitches We have more apply than volunteer slots which are like scholarships & saved 4 ...more

BlogHer Conference Update - January 7, 2012

Happy New Year!! 2012 -- that sure did come along quickly! There's lots to catch up on so let's get started! BlogHer Entrepreneurs (formerly known as BlogHer|bet) is baaaaack! We are so excited to bring back one of the most popular conferences of 2011 -- and one of the most intimate. We are noticing a nice trend in registration and that is to say last years' attendees are coming back (yay!) but that also means first timers need to jump on the band wagon and join us for a once in a lifetime opportunity: 1:1 mentoring by some of the smartest women around. ...more
Hello. I'd like to ask why the agenda and speaker list for the conferences are released so ...more

Make Your New Year's Resolution to Attend BlogHer Food '12 in Seattle!

With the beginning of the year upon us and everyone making resolutions, goals and changes, I thought it would be a good time to remind you about some upcoming events on the BlogHer Events calendar. In fact, since so many New Year’s Resolutions revolve around food (more, less, healthier, yummier), why not combine your travel goals with your food goals and come to BlogHer Food ‘12 in Seattle?...more
I WANNA GO to BlogHer Food. But I can't. *pout*more