The BlogHer Food '13 Conference Guide and Mobile App

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With BlogHer Food '13 right around the corner, we've been busy getting things together to help your conference weekly run smoothly. Today we're pleased to share with you both our Conference Guide and our Mobile App!

Conference Guide

Have questions about the BlogHer Food '13 conference? Where to pick up your badge? What to pack? Directions to the hotel?

Check out the BlogHer Food '13 Conference Guide to get the answers to all of these questions and more! BlogHer Conference Guides are consistently rated as the number one resource to prepare for our conferences year after year, so you definitely want to download this to your desktop or mobile device. We intentionally keep this as an electronic document, as part of our efforts to green the conference, so if you like hard copies, please only print the pages that you need.

So what are you waiting for? Download the Conference Guide here!

Mobile App

We're thrilled to be bringing back our conference mobile app for BlogHer Food '13! Powered by Core-Apps, our mobile app will allow you to plan out your schedule during the conference, find more information on speakers and sponsors, connect with other attendees, update your social media channels, and take notes on your favorite sessions. Here's a brief run-down of the various features:

We have both a conference map to help you navigate your way through the conference, as well as a local area map. The conference map will show the locations of all the sessions, keynotes, and sponsors. The local area map will have the locations of all our off-site excursions and the closing party.

Learn more about our sponsors. This application lists all of our sponsors who generously support our attendees and make this event possible.

Attendees & Friends
One of the best parts of any BlogHer event is meeting and networking with your fellow attendees. And our conference app helps you do just that with a handy contact swapping tool. Once you've downloaded the app, simply enter in your contact info under "My Profile." You'll see a toggle at the bottom where you can choose to list your profile on the Attendee List. To add yourself to the list, switch this to "ON." Not publishing your profile to the Attendee List will not prevent you from contact swapping, but others will not be able to find you -- you'll have to seek them out and add them to your friends list. When you open the Attendee List and click on someone's profile, you'll see two buttons to request them as a friend, and to add them to your contacts.

Conference Events & Your Schedule
Search the events by day or track. You can find the sessions that most interest you and add them to your own custom schedule. You'll also be able to takes notes right from the session description page and rate the session too — how handy is that?

Photo Gallery
We'll all be snapping away photos of the food, the sessions, and the parties on our smartphones and cameras. Why not upload those photos to the Photo Gallery in the app? You can show people the images you've captured around Austin, and see shots from your fellow attendees!

Conference Info & Feeds
We have lots of places within the app for you to access all the important event information and news. Our RSS feed is linked right from the dashboard, as well as the #BlogHerFood Twitter feed, where you can join the conversation without ever having to leave the app (just make sure you add your handle to your profile)! We also have an icon for Conference Materials, where you'll find PDFs with the schedule for the excursions and other important information.

BlogHer Food '13 App

These are just a few of the many features available to you to make your experience a little easier, and more high-tech. And what's more, you can sync the app to multiple devices, so your schedule and contacts will be there with you no matter which one you decide to use. To download the app go to If you are on an iPhone or Android, this link will take you to the app's download page in the app store. If you are on a BlackBerry, Windows Phone, or other smart phone, you will be able to use the web version of the app at this URL.


Erin Groh
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