BlogHer Food '13: Day One in Tweets

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Happy BlogHer Food '13 day! Everything kicked off in Austin, TX this morning. I worked hard to follow along with the #BlogHerFood hashtag to bring you, as we always do, Day One in Tweets. Because we have so many amazing attendees quoting our wonderful speakers in our many sessions, we only have room to share one tweet per session. But they're some good ones!

BlogHer Food '13
Photo via the BlogHer Instagram account. Are you following us?

First came breakfast... of course!

During the opening comments with BlogHer's Co-Founders, this resounded with a lot of attendees:

And people loved our new and beautiful Food Well Said section, as Lisa announced the other day.

BlogHer's Editor-in-Chief Stacy Morrison gave attendees an important point about audience during The Business Case for Video panel.

During The Principles of Storytelling panel, Rachel Matthews shared a true gem.

Proving once again that they are masters at all things photography, Diane Cu and Todd Porter assured everyone that smartphone photography has its place -- and it is a pretty, magazine-cover worthy place.

Talking numbers, BlogHer's Diane Lang got real about metrics, tracking and measurements.

Kathy Strahs shared the one main truth about any and all social media, including those beyond Twitter and Facebook.

Hank Shaw taught everyone some killer knife skills. (And, really, read the liveblog. It has some great tips!)

Kristen Doyle shared some smarts about the Next Level of Twitter and Facebook.

The panelists on the Mobile Development for Food Blogs session encouraged attendees by sharing pertinent statistics.

Attendees of Video Bootcamp #1: Equipment & Gear were shown that video isn't so scary!

Melissa Skorpil shared a tried and true food photography tip during the How to Fake Great Photos panel.

Alexandra Williams gave great grammar, spelling and writing tips at Write to Be Read.

Vianney Rodriguez even touched Lisa Stone with this quotable quote during the Telling Community Stories and History Through Food.

Christine Pittman gave more good photography advice during Pro Food Photography on the Fly.

Joy Wilson reminded people to use their strengths during the Video Bootcamp #2: Storyboarding & Content panel.

BlogHer's Julie Ross Godar shared some deep, important wisdomduring the From Food Blogger to Epicurean Writer panel.

And last but certainly not least, Davie Leite shared laughs, wisdom and advice on stage with Elisa Camahort Page for the ending keynote of Day One. Let's share two gems from this great food writer, shall we?

Good gravy! What a day!

The good news is that we'll all be back tomorrow, ready for more food, fun and learning. Don't forget to check out the agenda and figure out where you want to be tomorrow. Check out all of our liveblog posts to catch up on what you missed while you were busy in another session. And don't forget to check out the #BlogHerFood hashtag for yourself to see all of the stuff we couldn't jam into one post.

See you in the morning!


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