BlogHer Food '13 Important Travel Information!

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Hello Newbies! Welcome to the Food-y Conference Post that contains helpful links and notes for your travel to BlogHer Food ’13 in Austin.

Austin, TX
Credit: stuseeger.

Helpful hints for traveling by plane:

1. Know the 3-1-1 for airline Carry-on Baggage. This is the TSA easy formula that explains airport rules clearly.

  • 3: Only 3.4 ounces or smaller containers of liquid or gel are allowed.
  • 1: Quart-sized, clear plastic bag to hold 3.4 ounces or smaller containers.
  • 1: Each traveler can have only one bag.

Note: “Medications, baby formula and food, and breast milk are allowed in reasonable quantities exceeding 3.4 ounces and are not required to be in the zip-top bag. Declare these items for inspection at the checkpoint. Officers may need to open these items to conduct additional screening.”-

2. Check-in and print your boarding pass before you arrive at the airport. This saves you time waiting in line and you can check in up to 24-hours before each flight.

3. You can also look at some helpful flying tips at the TSA website for specifics on traveling with food or gifts, screening, permitted and prohibited item lists, and travelers with special needs, disabilities, and medical conditions.

4. Bring cash. It is always helpful to have extra $40 cash in your wallet in case of an emergency (or that taxi that doesn't take credit cards). I always use my card for everything, so I have to remind myself to get cash before I travel. If you wait until the airport, the ATM could charge you extra.

To the Hotel:

From the Austin-Bergstrom Airport to the hotel is only eight miles. Whether you want to travel in style with a limo, hustle in a shuttle, rent a nice ride, or escape in a cab, you can find all of the information for these services on the airport website. Austin Hilton offers a 5% discount off published online fare to the hotel by using the promo code HILTN.

Traveling in pairs can reduce the price of your travels. If you are looking for a travel buddy, post on the community forum under carpool partners. Whether you are a local from Austin heading to the BlogHer Food ’13 conference or a newbie, the group offers a chance for bonding with attendees even before the event starts.


The BlogHer Food ‘13 Conference weather is estimated to be 91 degrees at its high and 70 degrees at its low. We will have ample air conditioning in our sessions to help combat these high temperatures -- so much so that it's not a bad idea to bring along a light sweater to put on if you get chilly. Please make note of the weather and pack accordingly. Also, please be sure to stay hydrated in this heat.

Parking and Arriving:

Parking at the hotel overnight is $26 for self-parking and $30 Valet. If you arrive at Austin Hilton early, you can store your luggage until your room is ready. This will give you time to check out the hotel and meet other attendees. This service can also be helpful if you are arriving late and need to rush off to a conference session.


Check-in starts at 3pm. Have your ID and credit card ready for when you approach registration.

  • We have arranged for the Austin Hilton to have free wifi in all of sleeping rooms and in the meeting rooms as well!

  • The rooms are equipped with a safety deposit box in which you can store your wallet, passport, and all other valuable items.

  • A laundry service is available if you need something cleaned last minute. You can also use this service to be able to go home with all clean clothes. Wouldn’t that be nice?

  • Each guest room has a flat screen TV, iron/ironing board, hair dryer, and coffee maker. To read more information about your room, check out the Austin Hilton website.

Other Information and Services:

1. No smoking is permitted in the hotel; however, there are designated areas outside for smoking.

2. Bring your swimsuit to enjoy the pool and spa at the hotel!

3. Break a sweat at the fitness center for FREE. The cost of this is included with your room fee. Don’t forget to bring your running shoes and work-out clothes to enjoy this service provided by the hotel.

5. You can find more information about the Austin Hilton here.

Remember, these are only *some* travel tips - please feel free to add yours below and share your travel best practices.

See you in Austin!


Lori Luna
vp, event operations