Don't Forget to Do These Vital Things Online Before a Conference

One of the best things about attending a BlogHer event is the connections you make with other attendees.It's also one of the most daunting aspects of attending a BlogHer event, particularly now that content creators come with more than their blogs -- they come with Twitter accounts, Facebook accounts, groups and pages, Instagram, Pinterest, Tumblr, YouTube and LinkedIn, too....more
Great advice! I'll definitely put these tips to use before the conference!more

Announcing: #BlogHerFood16 Experts Among Us in Austin, Texas

Hey y'all ...It's that time: time to share with those of you who did not attend #BlogHerFood15 our location for our eighth annual Food event.#BlogHerFood16 is heading back to a city we love ... Austin!    Ranked as one of the top 10 food cities in the U.S., Austin brings food lovers lots of flavor, fun, and festivities....more

Sarah Michelle Gellar on Her Food Business, Women in Hollywood, and a 'Buffy' Reboot

Sarah Michelle Gellar is best known for her strong female roles: on TV shows Buffy the Vampire Slayer and The Crazy Ones, and in films Cruel Intentions and The Grudge. Now she's in a different strong female role as the cofounder of Foodstirs, which she launched last month....more
She is! Kudos to BlogHer for partnering with an amazing woman creating a much needed company ...more

#BlogHerFood15 Liveblog: Social Media Bootcamp: Pinterest

Social Media Bootcamp: PinterestThese tools are constantly evolving. This session will explore best practices for building your community and audience, with a special focus on understanding policies in place to keep in mind if doing commercial or client work....more

#BlogHerFood15 Liveblog: Building Your Business: Brands on Bloggers

Building Your Business: Brands on BloggersOur perennial favorite discussion. But with a twist of hearing a little more from the brand and agency side. We've certainly all heard about bad PR pitches, but there are also bad blogger pitches! Learn what makes brands cringe, recoil, or leap at the chance to work with you!...more

#BlogHerFood15 Liveblog: Visuals: Video: Best Practices

Visuals: VIDEO: Best Practices to Organize, Distribute, and Promote Your VideosHow creative can you get with your YouTube channel? What should you post where … and when? What are the new homes for your videos that are up and coming?Moderator:S1, Melissa Haggerty, SheKnows...more

#BlogHerFood15 Liveblog: Craft: Podcasting the Time is Now!

Craft: Podcasting, the Time is NOW!...more

Smart Ways to Stay a Sane and Happy Food Blogger

Whether you've been blogging for one month or five years, you've probably experienced it. You start your blog, come out the gate strong, tell yourself that you're going to blog every single day, and then at about day three, your motivation tanks.After picking up the pieces, you start again, fully recharged. Lather, rinse, repeat....more
I like these tips, especially the messages about staying authentic and only doing the social ...more

#BlogHerFood15 Liveblog: Craft: Capturing Your Own Voice

Craft: Capturing Your Own VoiceThe explosion of food blogs and food vlogs and self-publishing and recipe apps means there has been an online explosion of every kind of food content you can think of. What will make yours stand out? Your unique voice. Your unique perspective. Short version: Do you....more

#BlogHerFood15 Liveblog: Social Media Bootcamp: Going Old School: The New Focus on Email

Social Media Bootcamp: Going Old School: The New Focus on EmailOne of the best (and often overlooked) tools for food bloggers is the good old-fashioned email subscription list. The most direct way you can "own" your readership is making a resurgence. Understand why, and how you can use emails/newsletters to build your business....more
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November 5 - Pre-Conference Events
Time Event
8:30pm Fox's MasterChef Junior Screening
November 6 - Day 1
Time Event
8:00am Breakfast
9:00am Welcome
9:15am General Session: Lightning Lessons About What You Need to Know NOW!
11:00am Break with our Sponsors
11:30am Lunch and Keynote: Local Food Advocacy: What You Can Do Right Here, Right Now
1:00pm Break with Sponsors
1:30pm Breakout #1
Visuals: Food Photography
Social Media Bootcamp: Facebook and Instagram
Building Your Business: The Business Plan
Craft: Kill Your Darlings, Food Edition
Kitchen Demo - Owl Cookie
2:45pm Breakout #2
Visuals: Food Styling & Plating
Social Media Bootcamp: New School Tools
Building Your Business: Diversify Your Revenue Stream
Craft: Recipe Development
3:00pm Kitchen Demo - Guacamole
4:00pm Break with our Sponsors
5:00pm Evening Keynote: The Pitch, Food Edition
6:00pm Welcome Reception
8:00pm The Afterparty
November 7 - Day 2
Time Event
8:30am Breakfast Sponsored by Canadian Lentils
9:30am Keynote: Achieving Long-Term Blogger Happiness
10:30am Morning Break with Sponsors
11:00am Breakout #3
Visuals: VIDEO: Best Practices to Make Great Food Videos
Social Media Bootcamp: Going Old School: The New Focus on Email
Building Your Business: Mining Your Data
Craft: Capturing Your Own Voice
Kitchen Demo - Brussels Sprouts
12:15pm The Traditional #BlogHerFood Excursion!
2:45pm Breakout #4
Visuals: VIDEO: Best Practices to Organize, Distribute, and Promote Your Videos
Building Your Business: Brands on Bloggers
Social Media Bootcamp: Pinterest
Craft: Podcasting, the Time is NOW!
Kitchen Demo - Guacamole
4:00pm Break with our Sponsors
5:00pm Closing Keynote: Innovator Interview with Foodstirs Co-Founder Sarah Michelle Gellar
7:00pm The #BlogHerFood15 Closing Party, featuring hostesses Elise Bauer, Ree Drummond, and Jaden Hair


Hotel and Directions

Hyatt Regency

Average Cost:
$209 / day
Room Service, Restaurant, Fitness Center/Health Club, Business Center

Hyatt Regency

Hyatt Regency Chicago

151 East Wacker Drive

Chicago, IL 60601, US


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