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I have to tell you: Doing these speaker interviews for BlogHer Food '13 has been really fun so far! Not only am I inspired to do more with my blogs, but I'm also kind of hungry. This week I hit a topic I know that many of our attendees are curious about -- video -- and asked the speakers of our How and Where to Distribute Your Video panel this question:

How did you learn which platform worked best for your videos? Do you have any funny or important trial and error stories to share with our readers?

Hilah Johnson shares some of her trial and error.

Trial and error was how we figured it out. At the beginning we were uploading to YouTube, Blip, videojug, ifood, Vimeo, maybe even a couple more. While we were doing that, though, I was completely neglecting the social part of any of those platforms. Turns out, YouTube is a social network all on its own, much like any online forum. You see the same people watching and commenting and asking questions. When we started, we both just kind of thought of YouTube as a place people upload videos of cats and boobs and leave mean and/or stupid comments. Once I started paying attention to the community on YouTube, it really started to get more fun and also resulted in faster channel growth. Now, we only upload to YouTube and Blip.

You can connect with Hilah via Facebook or her YouTube page.

How and Where to Distribute Video
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Mary Helen Leonard shares how she landed in video and what works for her.

Video sort of snuck up on me when I wasn't looking. Over the past few years I'd been focusing whole-heartedly on my writing, my recipes, and my photography. Using video to share my recipes had never really crossed my mind. While I'm not a terribly shy person, I'm not entirely comfortable in front of a camera either. To be honest, I prefer being the person behind the lens. When approached me about cooking classes over G+ Hangouts, I was thrilled, and despite having limited experience on video, I decided to go for it. Teaching live classes online actually turned out to be a lot of fun. I wasn't nervous at all. That is, until we decided to record and broadcast a class live during South by Southwest. Suddenly I was thrown head-first into the world of recorded video. I quickly learned to let my guard down, be myself, and most importantly, not to over-analyze the recorded videos. Because Google Plus, and Hangouts are my largest social media outlet, YouTube is the natural choice for sharing my videos. In fact, Hangouts that are broadcast live On Air are automatically uploaded to my YouTube channel, making the choice pretty simple.

You can learn more about Mary via her Twitter, Facebook, YouTube or her Google Hangouts!

Stacie Billis of One Hungry Mama will also be speaking on the panel.

The How and Where to Distribute Your Video panel takes place from 2:30-4:00pm on Saturday, June 8, 2013. Here's more about what you can expect from this panel and these great speakers:

Making the video is half the battle – now let’s talk about how to get it seen. You have a myriad of choices for distribution, and each one is great for a specific purpose. Whether you want your video to go viral, get you higher search rank, or simply give your users key information or instruction, there’s a distribution method for that. Learn your options and make an informed, educated decision about how and where to share your videos.

So, if you've been wanting to delve into video but it seems big and scary, you don't want to skip this session! If you aren't yet registered for BlogHer Food '13 in Austin, do so now!


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