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This week's BlogHer Food '13 speaker interview features two of the panelists from the Scale Your Small Business session. What's that all about? It's about growing your blog beyond a website and treating it like the blossoming business it has become. I asked our speakers this question to help you out:

If you could offer just ONE piece of advice to those looking at re-framing their blog as a business, what would it be?

Kristin Guy shares an important tip (or two) before you press send on an email to that big brand.

Don’t stress over Ad networks as a source of primary income. Sponsored content is king! Search out brands that you want to work with, learn how to navigate social media outlets and make direct connections. Most people go the route of researching and requesting introductions in a more formal manner through sites such as Linkedin or a brand’s corporate contact page with hopes of gaining inside access for project pitches. The people you really need to get the attention of are those manning the brand’s Twitter and Facebook feeds. By contacting these accounts directly you’ll avoid getting lost in someone’s inbox and communicate directly with the department you want to partner with. Once you make that introduction and they express interest in partnership, make sure your pitch is clear, concise and attached with related rate sheets & media kit. Delivering a complete package first cuts down on unnecessary emails and time, in turn creating a professional relationship they will be more willing to with.

You can connect with Kristin via Twitter and Facebook.

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Ruth Harding reminds you that you can delegate!

You don't need to do it all. Seven words that can make all the difference to someone who is trying to turn a blog into a full-time business. Because, let's be frank, many of you are trying really hard grow your blog singlehandedly...while you simultaneously juggle many other tasks: parenting, housekeeping, a job, volunteer work...the list could go on and on.

The good news is that there isn't a Blogger Regulation Committee that is watching to make sure the definition of “self-publishing” is literally adhered to. Martha Stewart created a concept and hired a creative team to help turn that concept into an internationally recognized brand. You can do the same thing, on a smaller scale. Turning over a few blogging tasks that are less fulfilling to you can open up doors of opportunity—simply because doing so gives you time to focus on what matters to you. Whether you use that time to build sponsor relationships, come up with new content, or to take back your weekends isn't important. The important thing is that when you don't try to do it all yourself, you have more time to make what you can do better.

You can find Ruth on Twitter, Windmill Words and A House in Holland.

Also presenting during this panel will be Kristen Herwitz and Rachelle King.

The Scale Your Small Business panel will take place on Saturday, June 8 from 2:30-4:00pm. If these answers sparked your interest, here's a bit more about the panel itself:

Your blog may feel less like a website and more like a blossoming business, but you may still be managing it like a solo endeavor. Re-frame your self-image and the way you manage your blog as a business. This panel, which will give you the small business basics you need to succeed - such as when (and how) to hire, tax issues, incorporation considerations, and seeking outside funding or financing from bank loans, friends & family, and even angel/seed/VC funds.

Feel free to leave any questions in the comments below that you want addressed during the panel. Doing so might help the presenters better shape their presentation for who will be attending!

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