BlogHer Food Interviews: Video Bootcamp #1 - Equipment & Gear

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This week's BlogHer Food '13 speaker interview revolves around the world of video. I asked the speakers from the Video Bootcamp #1: Equipment and Gear panel this question:

Other than a video camera of some sort, what’s one piece of gear that you suggest to anyone looking to get into video for their blogs?

Panelists Heather Nauta and Christy Morgan came together to offer one answer to this question.

The one invaluable piece of equipment after a video camera is a tripod. It doesn't need to be a fancy tripod, but you just need something to stabilize your camera, and allow you to point it in different angles. Even if you have someone else to film for you, hand holding a camera is never quite steady. Not only does it not look good when the video is shaking a bit, but your camera will have trouble focusing with that little bit of instability. The size of your camera determines what kind of tripod you should use - the larger and heavier the camera, the studier a tripod you need to support it. A sturdy tripod is great for shooting at home, and having a lighter-weight one is good for being portable. There are also mini tripods that are great for traveling, but will really only hold a very small and light camera. The little ones with bendable magnetic feet are really handy when you're on the go, you can attach them to a fridge or anything magnetic. Whatever you use, a tripod is indispensable in making a high quality video.


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Heather and Christy will be speaking at the Video Bootcamp #1: Equipment and Gear from 1:00-2:30pm on Day One, June 7, 2013. Here's more of what you can expect from this panel:

Discover what you really need to get started making video; from cameras to tripods, lighting to software, you’ll touch and feel the exact tools you need – and learn what you can live without - to jump into online video production.

If you're looking to start making video, this panel is most definitely for you. Not registered yet for BlogHer Food '13? Register now and join us in Austin this June!


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