What's Angry Tomato Sauce? Find Out on the 3rd BlogHer Food Excursion!

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We've already announced the 1st and 2nd excursions for BlogHer Food '13. And as if getting the low-down on down-home Texas BBQ or a food tour as weird as Austin itself isn't enough for a Friday night, we're adding an East Side pub-crawl to the Friday excursion line-up! Join Austinite Joshunda Saunders on a (no-host) pub crawl through Austin's East Side, where you and your fellow foodies will be able to visit the following Austin establishments:

In the mood for fried Brussels sprout salad? Or beet home fries? Or curry buns? Or all of the above? Then you'll definitely want to sidle up to the East Side King food trailer outside of Austin's Liberty Bar.

Or maybe you're into sock hops and David Lynch dress up parties? Then Shangri-La is your place! They also have a food truck from East Side King on their property. I guess those guys really are the East Side Kings.

Do you get fired up at the thought of windy hill farm goat meatballs with "angry" tomato sauce or maple sweet potato pie? Well then, East Side Showroom is going to hit the spot!

On this trek through Austin's East Side, I'm sure everyone can find something yummy to enjoy! Keep an eye on our conference newsletters for more information about how registered attendees of BlogHer Food '13 can sign up for this excursion! (Not registered yet? Register now!)


Melinna Gershik
Senior Events Manager, BlogHer