BlogHer Food Update: Another waitlist, and a unique opportunity for male food bloggers

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BlogHer Food 09 Under two weeks ago, we announced BlogHer Food '09, our first foray into a food blogging event, and our second topic-focused event, after BlogHer Business. We have two announcements about BlogHer Food today:

Registration Status
Like BlogHer '09 before it, BlogHer Food '09 has sold out its initial planned capacity in record time!

So, we fully intend to do exactly what we did with BlogHer '09: Get more sponsors in the door, so we can open the doors to more bloggers. Obviously the interest and enthusiasm is there...which excites us to no end, and will excite sponsors too! It is the sponsors that subsidize these events for the bloggers, which is how we keep our registration fees so affordable for such a range of bloggers.

The beautiful Hotel St. Regis does have room for us to let some more bloggers in, and we will do everything in our power to do so. This will not approach the size of BlogHer '09, but we hope to accommodate more of you.

In the meantime, please add yourself to the waiting list!

As over 100 bloggers going to BlogHer '09 can tell you: It does pay to add yourself to the waiting list!

Men speaking on panels at BlogHer Food
Last week we announced the Call for Ideas for BlogHer Food, and with it we asked a question of our food blogging community. Namely: Should we change BlogHer's current policy of only women speakers on programmed panels for BlogHer Food?

The reason we asked at all?:

And the feedback we're getting on this is that food blogging is already a female-dominated segment of the blogosphere, or seems so. That it is, in fact, the male food bloggers' lights that sometimes get hidden under a bushel. So, we thought it was appropriate to ask you, our food blogging community, what you thought should happen for this BlogHer Food '09 Conference. We're asking you, because that's what we have always done, and it's what we will always do, and it seems like this conference and this part of the larger blogging community deserves to have a decision made specifically for it!

The results are in: Over 70% percent of respondents answered "Yes" when asked whether men should be invited to speak on programmed panels at BlogHer Food '09. (Note: This number is almost exactly the same as the percentage of attendees who consistently answer "No" when asked whether men should be invited to speak on programmed panels at BlogHer's annual conference. Interesting, no?).

In other words: You are happy to hear from men at BlogHer Food '09. And we are happy to oblige. Thank you for your votes and thoughtful comments on the subject.

Big news all the way around, and this for an event that is less than 2 weeks old!

What is coming next?

Stay tuned to find out!

And don't forget: You can still submit your ideas to our Call for Ideas for BlogHer Food programming until June 7th. We have reserved slots for speakers, so even if you're on the waitlist, please do submit!!

We've gotten some amazing ideas already, and I'm sure more are yet to come.


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