Kids and 5Ks: When Your Child Wants to Run

The elementary schools in our area have a spring program called "Just Run" for kids in grades second through fifth. They train throughout the spring to run a 5K at the end of May. My son wanted to join, and he wanted his Dad and I to help. I'm not a runner. I love to exercise, such as weights or cardio for fun. I play soccer with the old fart soccer parent league in the summer. We preach being physically active. But running is not my thing. But how many years do I have left of my son actually WANTING us to join him? So, there we were. ...more
Aprils Lush Lashes  Good for them! Those are the best moments of motherhood, when you see them ...more

The Health Benefits of Groups

I am a big believer in the power of groups to motivate. The group dynamic has motivated me to quit smoking for good and is motivating me to train for a 5k in the summer. It’s not that I couldn’t do either on my own, but why would I want to? I was a semi-sloth most of my days and finally realized that I needed to make drastic changes in my life to improve my overall quality of life and general well being. ...more

The Week of my first 5K walk/jog program for Me and My Ego!

Week 1 Monday 5-26-14 Day 1 5K walk/ jog...more

The Craziest 5K I have ever done!

Today was an absolutely a fun day for my family.  We signed up for the ROC Race, it’s the Ridiculous Obstacle Challenge fun 5K. It was just my husband and I with our two oldest kids Leilani who’s 22 and Justin who is 20....more

Your Complete 5K Playlist: From 0 to 3.1

My friend, Kate, and I are running a 5K tomorrow morning. It will be my third and her first. We've been training together for several weeks and I'm so excited to share this experience with her and watch her achieve this goal she has set for herself! Also, the race benefits a local humane society, which is perfect for dog lovers like us! ...more

I Accidentally Ran A 5K

It's true. I accidentally ran a 5K Saturday morning. I say accidentally because I totally didn't mean to do it and 5K because, well, the race was 3.1 miles and that makes it a 5K.When I signed up, it was with the intention of walking the 5K. Not running, walking. Let me be more clear. If I had intended to run the thing, I would have worn a more supportive undergarment.Ahem....more
@Susie the Cartoonist Thanks, Susie! The capes are on order …  :)more

I'm a Runner -- and I Have the Medal to Prove It

I never thought that I could be a runner -- until I decided one day that I was. ...more
Well done! I love the idea of deciding you 'are' something, despite believing you were not ...more