Ways to Cope

I have been looking for several ways to cope with what I've been through.  As a child, I loved hearts.  My bedroom was wallpapered in hearts, my bedspread was covered in hearts of all colors, my mom made me heart pillows to match everything.  Who knew that one day, my life would be all about my heart!? Funny how things come full circle....more

Diamonds Are Not Always a Girl’s Best Friend

I’ve never been into buying jewelry mostly because I found it cumbersome. I usually take my watches off after a couple of hours, bracelets bang against the desk when I am typing, necklaces sometimes feel claustrophobic, and earrings get heavy after a while. I know its not the norm, but I’ve always admired women who can wear jewelry, because they look so put together. I wanted that!So, in the last year I’ve ventured into buying small pieces here and there from a variety of companies. What I found is you can place your jewelry into three categories of care:...more

8 Super-cool Gadgets for a Plush Kitchen

Gadgets make life livable for many of us. They cut down the time we spend on doing our daily chores and even money. When we talk about gadgets, the first thing that strikes our mind are computers and Smartphones. But it need not always be so. This year gadget makers are keeping the kitchen in mind as well....more