8 Super-cool Gadgets for a Plush Kitchen

Gadgets make life livable for many of us. They cut down the time we spend on doing our daily chores and even money. When we talk about gadgets, the first thing that strikes our mind are computers and Smartphones. But it need not always be so. This year gadget makers are keeping the kitchen in mind as well....more

Rediscovered & Repurposed


What's (Actually) In My Bag

I'm convinced these types of posts tend to be popular, because we're all a bit nosy by nature. We're fascinated by these sneak peeks into the personal lives of celebrities and bloggers. I know I love to click on these posts. I want to know!Usually, it's a celebrity or fashion blogger, and her bag is filled with high end makeup, designer sunglasses, keys to a Mercedes (in the case of celebrities), and other fancy things. The bag itself will also be designer, costing several hundred dollars....more

Friday Favorites...

Friday Favorites... I'm a big fan of tone on tone....more

If Your Jewelry Box Could Talk, What Would it Say?

If your jewelry box could talk, what would it say? ...more

Hottest wedding jewellery trends

Jewellery is often a symbol of financial status, membership of a particular culture, subculture, decoration that reflects personal taste or flavour of current fashion trends and weddings are no exception. Jewellery rarely remains undetected and complements every wedding dress. When it comes to wedding jewellery, trends change every season, and to shine this year, we suggest several types that will make each combination modern and interesting.Necklaces...more