What's (Actually) In My Bag

I'm convinced these types of posts tend to be popular, because we're all a bit nosy by nature. We're fascinated by these sneak peeks into the personal lives of celebrities and bloggers. I know I love to click on these posts. I want to know!Usually, it's a celebrity or fashion blogger, and her bag is filled with high end makeup, designer sunglasses, keys to a Mercedes (in the case of celebrities), and other fancy things. The bag itself will also be designer, costing several hundred dollars....more

Friday Favorites...

Friday Favorites... I'm a big fan of tone on tone....more

If Your Jewelry Box Could Talk, What Would it Say?

If your jewelry box could talk, what would it say? ...more

Hottest wedding jewellery trends

Jewellery is often a symbol of financial status, membership of a particular culture, subculture, decoration that reflects personal taste or flavour of current fashion trends and weddings are no exception. Jewellery rarely remains undetected and complements every wedding dress. When it comes to wedding jewellery, trends change every season, and to shine this year, we suggest several types that will make each combination modern and interesting.Necklaces...more


…… Hey everyone, I want to share some more of my photoshoots. These are headshots from 4 of my shoots. Hope you like them…..more….. http://dina-bella.blogspot.com/2013/12/headshots.html...more

Watch Out!

As we fashion junkies know accessories can be powerful because it completes a look. I want to take some time talk about one of my favorite embellishments, and lucky for us watches are in trend. There are 3 types of watches, dress, sporty and casual………. More………….. http://dina-bella.blogspot.com/2013/12/watch-out.html...more

Fashion Bloggers Needed

Fashion Bloggers needed to write for a well established Online Jewelry Site with domain authority 40.Brand: Mall of StyleStore: http://mallofstyle.comBlog: http://mallofstyle.com/blog Revert with related articles:- original- 400 words minimum- 2 media files accepted- infographics accepted-backlink provided in return to g+, store, blog Interested? Write to admin@mallofstyle.com...more

Fall Fashion Lust List for 2013

As your standard shopaholic, season change-overs are really hard for me. The stores start swapping out window displays and mailing glossy catalogs with clothes for the new season, and I promptly start drooling. Gimme, gimme … here’s what I’m craving this fall. ...more
I am sooo in love with the leather jacket look! I hate to admit it, but I used to be super ...more

Heartbeat Bracelet

 As soon as I saw this bracelet from Boticca I knew I had to feature it on here…I don’t think I’ve seen anything like this before as it’s a Heartbeat Bracelet. ...more