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Festive Accessories to Brighten Up Holiday Fashion

Unless you are living under a rock or you are a total Scrooge, you know the holidays are upon us. ...more
Love unique jewelry, I purchased a pair of  stud earrings made of melon seeds  and love when ...more

Accessories can make or break an outfit

   There are times when we feel we have nothing to wear in our jammed closets. I know I feel that way every so often, especially as the seasons or changing or big events such as the holidays are approaching.     However, if your wardrobe is stockpiled full of all your basic necessities than there is no need to go out an buy a new outfit for an event.  ...more

5 Summer Accessories to Beat the Heat

Today I'm going to take a moment to talk about accessories that help me beat the summer heat. Now, my take on accessories may span a wide array of items, but all of these seem to be essential to my well-being during the hot months in Florida! Here are my top 5 suggestions to add to your collection:...more

Gearing up for a new business venture: alice & frankies

One of our wonderful contributors is starting a new business.  It's called alice & frankies and they will sell chic women's accessories.  The accessories will be fabulous and affordable.  We love to see women reaching out for their passion.  We hear that the grand opening discounts are going to be off the radar.  We can't wait!...more

My Best Accessories

I find that accessorizing an outfit is just as important-if not more- as the pants, dress or top that provide the foundation for your look.  Sometimes, even if I'm just wearing my juicy sweats or plain, black leggings, I will throw a brightly colored scarf around my neck, or grab one of my fabulous, fancy bags just to go to Target.  Actually utilizing your accessories can give you that little push to make you feel that much more stylish, even if you're not totally thrilled with the outfit you've put together. ...more

Not exactly an "it" bag

We've all heard about the "it" bag -- the gaudy, blingy, overpriced-but-I've-got-to-have-it bag of the moment.Your attitude toward the "it" bag may depend on your value system, budget, and/or personal political philosophy. To you, "it bags" may be odious symbols of excess and greed. Or, they may be shameful temptations, awakening deeply hidden desires. They might be valued wardrobe basics or temporary flings. You may own one, several, or none....more

Glam Up for the New Year: 5 Finds Under $15

I'm pretty talented at finding excuses for needing to buy a new dress, but I'm also pretty practical, and after doing my holiday shopping and throwing a few parties, well, let's just say that I'm willing to shop, but the bank account is beginning to complain. A lot....more
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Natural Born Traveler: Accessory Edition better or for worse, I have accumulated a vast amount of experience with all modes of travel. Planes, trains, automobiles, international, domestic cross-country and puddle hoppers alike. With felines and solo trips. So I’ve decided to put my hard-won expertise to some good use and start a “Natural Born Traveler” series- tips, tricks and secrets for avoiding all the holiday travel hassle and getting to your destination in one piece…while looking fabulous of course!...more

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