What is a Personal Injury Lawyer?

 Everybody needs a lawyer but not everyone shares this idea (some people think this is too expensive, and it is not as they imagine). The reality is lawyers are professionals with many expertise areas and important services to provide.You might wonder, what is a personal injury lawyer? well, these professionals deal with many specific cases like: ...more

Thinking to call a lawyer for car accident claims for a used car?

 There is no denying that the brad reviews are very useful. They give you knowledge and a lot of useful information about fitness, using legal steroids and of course losing the extra flab of fat. But did you know that along with lifestyle, it is also highly important for you to know about how to make legal claims for your used car after it suffers from an accident? In this article we tell you all about it!Lemon Laws are applicable on used cars as well ...more

An ode to Angry Drivers

“Wes” is a professional man who, if you saw walking on the street, you‘d easily imagine being jumped by a few teen punks and getting beaten up for his wallet. Wes is nearing retirement age, has a potbelly, doesn‘t work out, has grey hair—hardly an imposing figure.But look out when he gets behind the wheel of his car. Cut him off and he‘ll give you the finger and holler out obscenities....more

Distracted Teen Drivers a Mess

Worried about your teen causing a car accident from drinking too much? How about from being distracted too much? According to the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety, distracted driving accounted for 58 percent of medium to severe wrecks involving teenagers, based on analysis of about 1,700 videos....more

Day 18 - When the Patient Comes Home

 Back in June, I wrote about my DHthe hang glider. I wrote ...more

10 more Horrible Accidents to avoid

“When it’s your time, it’s your time.” NOT. Most accidents, including freak, are avoidable. Here are more preventable deaths, courtesy of popularmechanics.com....more

Top 10 Horrible Accidents to Avoid

“When it’s your time, it’s your time.” NOT. Most accidents, including freak, are avoidable. Here’s a compilation from popularmechanics.com.Mauled by a mower. Every year in the U.S., about 95 people die by mower when it flips over on a hill and crushes the driver. Don’t mow sideways on a slope; mow up and down....more

To Paraphrase Seinfeld's George

The expressway was angry that day.Well, not actually the expressway.I left work at 5PM.Where my bus would take the exit, there was a major back-up on the expressway because the accident closed the main road up to my current homestead.Fortunately,my nephew Greg was there to save the day....more

Let's not keep score

Wow. So it's been a weird couple of days....more

A Bump in the Road - Learning to Drive Never Ends

Sometimes the best way to learn is from experience, and experiences, especially those that frighten and remain ingrained. Last night as I was driving home, another car hit mine, which I guess qualifies as an experience. I was driving in her blind spot and she went to change lanes, swerving right into me....more