Let's not keep score

Wow. So it's been a weird couple of days....more

A Bump in the Road - Learning to Drive Never Ends

Sometimes the best way to learn is from experience, and experiences, especially those that frighten and remain ingrained. Last night as I was driving home, another car hit mine, which I guess qualifies as an experience. I was driving in her blind spot and she went to change lanes, swerving right into me....more

Remembering The Accident That Changed Our Lives

This Thanksgiving will be the ten year anniversary of the car crash that changed our lives. My post tells about the accident and how my daughter's paralysis has made our family stronger. Thanksgiving for us means remembering how quickly life can change and to be grateful for the moments we share together. http://kdrausin.com/blog/2013/11/10/remembering-accident-changed-lives/...more

81 Year Old Man is Killed While Riding His Bike

 "81 Year Old Man is Killed While Riding His Bike"  That was the headline in  the small town's newspaper.  It really says very little and the normal response would be something to the effect that he lived a good life and probably didn't suffer as his death was on impact. ...more

Car Accident

Last Saturday afternoon my family and I were headed to dinner on a local highway we drive on frequently, when my worst nightmare came true. A rookie driver pulled onto oncoming traffic without regarding the fact that my family was traveling down the very same road at about 50 mph....more

"Johnny, get down from there! You're Going Break Your Neck!"

  The Joy of Mothering It was Sunday evening....more

Teaching friendship & love: a life taken too soon

I thought I read the post incorrectly. I thought that my friend has typed it wrong. She must have meant his parents. She must have meant someone else.  Last night while I nursed my 8 month old I scrolled facebook.  A post caught my eye. An old high school friend died. No details, just the news that a boy that I grew up with, someone who I referred to as my "best guy friend" in high school, DIED....more

Thank you. loosing a childhood friend is hard for a variety of reasons. High school is such a ...more

It’s A Wonder I Survived Into Adulthood, What With My Itchy Big Toe, And All

Looking back on my life, it has become apparent that I probably never should’ve survived to adulthood. Observe: I was born two months premature, and extremely low birthweight. I could have all sorts of debilitating health problems, but I don’t. Actually I do. I’m allergic to everything, and my big toe itches. Also, I think a fly just landed on me. When I was a youth, we used to play smack-dab in the middle of the street for hours at a time, with the impression we'd just dodge any approaching cars....more

The Lessons of Life

Weight can do more than just burden our bodies with extra pounds.  It can also affect the way we live our lives, sometimes long after the weight has disappeared. I’ve known for months that this would be something I’d decide I could do, or admit that I simply couldn’t.  It wasn’t until the night before the sentencing at the County Courthouse that I made my decision: I was going to attend....more

Blimey, today was full of danger and surprises

Today was a bit annoying. I sat down to write this blog post and the leg fell off my chair, causing me to fall prostrate onto the floor.  I called out to my dog; "Naughty George, I have fallen, and I think it's really bad." I had visions of him coming to my aid and then staying for several weeks beside my dead body until I was discovered by rescuers. You read about it all the time in the papers. ...more