How not to be THAT Stage Mom

I've always been interested in the theatre. And I know that my girls got the bug as well. People are often leery when it comes to the acting business, especially when it involves their children....more

New Years Eve and the Myth of the Actor

Original post on xoxoxo e...more

Should You Accept Extra Work Movies?

Many people have asked me my thoughtson accepting extra work. I have heardthat in the L.A. market, if you want to getprincipal acting work, then actors shouldnot accept extra work. In that market, actorswill only be considered extras.  Aaron MarcusAmerica's Premier Acting and Commercial Modeling Career

Your Passionate Life

Good morning! ...more

All The World's a Stage

Just think about it.  The first thing we do in the morning is decide who we’re going to be that particular day...let’s start with wardrobe.  Some of us shouldn’t be trusted picking our daily costumes, but that’s another blog about fashion police.  Today, I am a sophisticated woman dressed from head to toe in Santa Fe peasant chic.  My boss doesn’t like it when I show up to work that way, but I don’t care, because I am ANACTRESS!  I get to be whoever the hell I want to be....more

Renee At 27

On February 29th 2011, I will turn 27 years old. Since there is no February 29th 2011, I will have to choose between celebrating my leap day birthday on February 28th or March 1st. Or maybe I will just stay 24 until 2012. ...more

Back To The Beginning

When I think back to the beginning I can still sort of remember my natural hair color. Almost.I was eighteen years old, and full of hope for my future acting career in New York City.I just knew it wouldn't be long before an agent or director plucked me from the crowd of unknowns and made me a star.If I can make it here I can make it anywhere right?Well who'd have thought it would be so effing hard to make it here! Christ!I had moved to the big city from the small city completely unarmed in life skills and short on money....more

Angelina, The Actor/Director, and Why There Really May Be No Such Thing as Bad Publicity.

As if it's not enough that she's all gorgeous and has a gaggle of international babies and millions of dollars AND Brad Pitt, now Angelina Jolie is adding director to the list of things she will probably be annoyingly better at than me. And of course, she's being all Angelina about it and NOT starring in the movie herself, making it all that much harder for me to hate on her for it. Touche, Angie. I've always enjoyed a challenge. ...more
  A "Have her cake and eat it" scenario. Aside from her beauty, her noble attributes as a ...more

Synchronicity...Mondays Solved!

Mondays around my house begin in a rushed panic. Alarm clocks blaring, family forehead collisions, makeup mishaps that require more than a cotton swab to erase, that's Monday. Today, the curse has been broken. This morning begins in synchronicity! That's not to say that we all synchronized our watches in preparation for a heist. It's more like I've synchronized my personal rhythm with that of the Universe. Whoah, a little too heavy for a Monday. Allow me to rephrase. Synchronicity is basically the higher power's way of saying, "Great job! Keep going this way." ...more

Kindness V. Honesty: A PassionsPath Blog

Your good friend—Claire, let’s call her—is an actress. She fell in love with theater and acting in high school (where you fell in love with writing and music). Claire’s pursued acting as a profession with a focus and determination that can only be described as admirable. She’s taken risks—financial, social, professional (all sorts of “-ial”s—in order to achieve what we’d all call “a successful acting career.”  ...more