Mental Health Awareness Isn't Enough

Mental Health Awareness Isn’t EnoughMay 18, 2016 - originally posted on

G is for Gloria Anzaldúa

 Each week for 26 weeks, I am publishing a post about women who are not widely known but should be—women who can inspire us, teach us, and encourage us to get out of our comfort zones and reach for our dreams. Week 7 of my A to Z challenge introduces us to Gloria Anzaldúa. ...more

Top Five Anti Poverty Activists

Horrifyingly, poverty is still a major issue, even in seemingly developed, rich countries such as the United Kingdom. I have recently been greatly inspired by campaigners pitching tents in St Ann’s Square, Manchester to raise crucial awareness about homelessness. Homeless, and other poverty related issues, is something that many of us don’t like to think about. When we do imagine dire poverty, many of us think of third world countries rather than the familiar places minutes from our own cosy front door step....more

Is "Silence" The Word Among Black Beauty Bloggers?

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Thank you for your comment. I think your comment speaks to how vague the call out was in the ...more

Compassion. DO. Help. NOW. Pass it on.

Seriously, a call for compassion in action.Mother Nature knows. A single drop of water in a lake radiates energy to become larger and larger circles.Isn’t that what social media is all about?Isn’t this the beauty of it?...more

4 Myths About the Million Mask March

 You know all those people in all those major cities across the world who put on Guy Fawkes masks and marched around and protested government oppression yesterday?  ...more

Plastic Surgery Apps for Kids: Fat-Shaming-App-Gate.

**Update 1**iTunes & Google Play have removed the Plastic Surgery for Barbara app!!!...more
Denise I know, terrible. I forwarded a copy of the letter to iTunes and ask them to please try ...more

Walmart Trunks

"I am so sorry," I repeated for maybe the fortieth time as Mike and I walked through the automatic doors of a store we both didn't want to enter."No, hon, I'm sorry. I know how you feel about this place," Mike also repeated. We walked through the store briskly, wasting no time browsing. Ours was a get-in-and-get-out mission....more

No Sacred Cows

I’ve been at this blogger-activist thing less than a year, but I know I’ve said it more than once: I strongly believe we have to hold ourselves and our allies to the same standards we do our opponents. This means we can’t allow ourselves to place anyone on a pedestal where criticism can’t reach them, and we can't sweep bad behavior under the proverbial rug....more

How far are you willing to go?

What will be the most effective way to help?  I want to help?Nicky CooneyBefore becoming an advocate of any cause you have to make sure you know who you are and why you're there.  If it's because  you're angry as a result of a personal experience, watch your step because you can be heading towards a reactionary campaign, which is as a matter of fact,  not so effective....more