Thoughts on National Coming Out Week

This is National Coming Out Week. And though we'll focus on celebrating the queer community, it's not a holiday.  And despite the fact that its whole existence is due to prejudice and hate, it's not a memorial.   Image: dbking via FlickrPictured is the late gay rights activist, Frank Kameny, who passed away yesterday at age 86....more
Right on! Closets are for clothes!!!more

Social Change:

Music is Medicine founder Leora Friedman, 19, writes to heart of Gold Girls: "I was five years old when I started singing, and I was ten when I started taking guitar lessons. Music was my hobby. It didn’t define me or inspire me – it was a creative outlet, a form of self-expression. It wasn’t until I was fifteen that music truly changed me....more

GLEE + National Assoc. for Music Ed = A Positive Note

GLEE is Lending its Voice a National Association to Support Music in SchoolsHere’s something that will make you want to sing: Your school can become one of 73 high schools to win a id="mce_marker"0,000, $25,000 – or even $50,000 – prize from “GLEE Give a Note,” a campaign to donate id="mce_marker" million to support music programs across the country....more

The Good I Learned From My Dog

“People like you don’t have dogs like this.”     Those were the first words I heard from our new dog trainer when I arrived with my 10 week old bundle of doughy cuteness named Dolly; our new American Bulldog. I was offended. After all I was a dog person....more
@Meredith- totally! I knew to never buy from pet stores because of puupy mills but did not ...more

Hey International Olympic Committee-Your Words Are Not Enough!

By Nikki Dryden, Canadian Olympic Swimmer and Attorney. Sport, unlike anything else, brings the world together, has the power to change lives for the better, and is truly universal. “It has an almost unmatched role to play in promoting understanding, healing wounds, mobilizing support for social causes, and breaking down barriers”, says former UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan, who believes that sport has the power to breakdown “myths and prejudices.” He also notes that athletes as well as sports organizations are critical in “unifying societies torn apart by conflict, tackling prejudices...and in breaking down gender inequality.”...more

We have to be in control of our own destiny. With the NCAA, with this, we are always going to be ...more

Peace is a Human Right: Give Us Women Who Get It

Photo by ©Janeil Engelstad and Rumiel RothschildBy Cora Weiss, cross-posted at On The Issues MagazineIn my years of peace and gender activism, I developed a stock of one-liners about the role of women....more

Holly Kearl: Stopping Street Harassment

“Like them boobs!!”  ...more

I'd never say I feel threatened by the lewd comments men make to me on the street. I can kick ...more

Snipping Pink Sentimentality: Persisting on the Whys of Breast Cancer

By Eleanor J. Bader, cross-posted at On The Issues Magazine...more

Message in BPA Baby Bottles: Don’t Mess with Moms

By Margie Kelly, cross-posted at On The Issues Magazine...more