Simple Guide to Making a Learning Basket at Home

It amazes me how quickly children grow and develop. One day you celebrate a few mumbles that sound like the word mama and soon enough they are learning their alphabet.As a former teacher, I have been impatiently waiting to share some wonderful learning activities with my son that I used in my classroom. One activity I used frequently (especially when students were bored) was a Learning Basket....more

Preschool Pointers - 41: Sneak in the Suggestions

Problem:Now that your kids are getting up there in years (you know, all of four or five), they're becoming a little more wily, a little less prone to obvious suggestions like, "why don't you go play with your dolls?" or "how about dancing to that They Might Be Giants CD?"In fact, one they hear the words from your lips, they may be less inclined than ever to do that incredibly fun thing you just suggested. Why? Because you suggested it. Wouldn't want to give you that satisfaction, now, would they?...more

Preschool Pointers - 39: Be Prepared to Cancel

Problem:Last week, I talked about the schedule I've taken to making for the girls and I during summer. But the system is not fool-proof, and life happens. Kids get sick, they sleep too long or get up too early, you're too busy with chores, or maybe they're just involved in a crazy-fun, imaginary game at home and rounding them up to cart them to some other thing that is supposedly fun is just going to break the rhythm. But you're supposed to be at the library or museum or a movie, and you've told other people you are going, even.Solution:...more

11 summer-fun activity to do at home for toddlers

Looking for summer fun activities for your toddler, especially those which can be easily done at home?  Here is a list of 11 fun toddler activities that would keep your child engaged and in the process develop their sensory and motor skills.   1.  Playing with Bubbles  ...more

Yurt Camping in a Snowy Spring

Here’s a question: Can it really be called winter camping if it takes place during March Break, and if our shelter of choice is a yurt instead of a tent? I’ve decided that since there was snow on the ground the answer is a big fat YES.I’ve uploaded a slew of photos to Flickr already (you can see them all right here), but I wanted to share one right here that summed up this wonderful new experience for me:...more
That's aweaome! I definitely want to stay in a yurt someday.more

7 Tips to Help Your Kids Avoid the Holiday Brain Drain

You may have heard about the “Summer Slide.” It’s how teachers refer to the significant decrease in material retention that requires them to spend an average of four to six weeks re-teaching materials in the fall. But even a two-three week holiday break can put a serious dent in learning.            To help keep your child’s brain strong when school is out of session, consider these seven tips: ...more

I Am NOT A Soccer Mom

I mean that in the literal and figurative sense. Trust me, I am not dissing those moms that spend endless hours running their kids around to practices and games - they love it and they're great at it.It's just not me....more
@SadderButWiserGirl Yes... we've let them try what they want to and none of the sports have ...more

Guest Post - Baking Made Fun for You and your Kids

Today I'm lucky enough to have a guest post about making baking into a fun, time-filling activity with your kids! Special thanks to Jennifer Mackey!......more

Get Out of the House (for Free!)

There's a whole other half of summer to get through, and here in is HOT. Parks are basically out, but there are lots of things you can do with your kids for free (or cheap)...that usually cost money! Here are a few of the things we've found to keep us occupied and out of the house during this 100+ degree weather: 1) LIBRARY: ...more

Her Day Planner is Full

Anne KimballLife on the Funny FarmI have a nickname for my dtr Rosie: Dub-cee-dub.As in WCW.As in "When Can We...?"See, from the time she still sported her top-knot, she's always been one to ask, "When can we....___________?" (fill in the blank).When can we go to the park, when can we go bowling, when can we go to the creek, when can we go to the beach, the movies, the museum, a friend's house, etc, etc. She is now and has always been wanting to go-go-go and do-do-do....more