Em's Treasure Basket

Happy Mother's Day to all you deserving mamas out there!  My husband is dutifully playing with Em, who is refusing to nap, so that I can get some uninterrupted blogging and photo editing time in before we head to the in-laws' for dinner.  We have had a wonderful day so far....more

I'm Going To Lose It

The Girlfriend Mom was kicked into high gear this weekend.I decided to give my boyfriend a break, and take one of the Girlfriend Mom kids and his friend to the movies Sunday afternoon. Quite enlightening indeed.When I was a kid my parents always gave me money if I went out with my friend and their parents. Whether my friend's parents ever let me pay is unclear. The point is, my parents never assumed or presumed that my friend's parents would foot the bill. It seems that things have changed....more

A Personal Present

For almost every special occasion, holiday, or birthday, my kids and I like to go the "homemade" route.  It means more to the recipient and they're darn cute!  Homemade cards, fingerpaintings, crafts all make their way into the hands of friends and family as a way to say I love you.  And our very favorite way to spread our love is by painting pottery at Tip Top Pottery in White River Junction.   I've spent a lot of time and energy at Tip Top, and when the time ...more

A Whole Lotta Gardening

Life has been full lately. A beautiful, tasty, diverse kind of full. But, so full that some afternoons all I want to do is nap. Curl up on top of my clean bed, babe in arms, and drift off. Not for a long while, just a half hour. Alas, Reality Check: Babe is hardly a babe anymore. He's 1 already. Wah! Babe only takes one short nap a day. One very short nap. And, twenty minute nap usually occurs before the afternoon lethargy hits....more

Using Your Strengths At Work

Working to your strengths requires that you pay attention to the activities at work that energize you and those that drain you. Once you are able to specifically identify them, you can begin to find ways to shift more minutes each week toward the activities that energize you, and you can find strategies to make those dreaded activities less draining.  ...more

Further musings on kids' activities, in which I let my children skip things

I needed to read this today, which chronicles the real costs of parental pressure....more


When other people's two year olds draw pictures for their parents, it's scribbling.  Today, I learned for the first time that when mine do it, it's art. See what I mean?  This is too ...more

Toddler Tricks - 17

Ways you can trick your baby: Problem:  Naptime disappears in the blink of an eye, and all those things you were going to get done are somehow still looming on your to-do list.  But now you have spritely toddlers in the way, bent on nothing but stopping you from doing your duties. Solution:  I already showed you some toddler-friendly chores.  But what about craft time?  As your kids get older, they might enjoy helping you guss...more

On being busy in all its flavors and colors

One word to encapsulate 2010, that's what today's Reverb prompt is. And all I can think of is busy. Busy busy busy....more

Monday Musings: {saying goodbye to summer}

Monday Musings: {saying goodbye to summer}o, don't cry....more