More evidence that brain training helps ADHD

The evidence is mounting:1. ADHD stimulant meds have no longterm effects on grades or IQ: Computer-based brain training helps strengthen attention: Personal brain training can eliminate the need for ADHD meds:

New discovery on attention deficits

You know that ADD and ADHD are caused by attention deficits, and that people who have suffered a stroke or traumatic brain injury (TBI) often have attention weaknesses.New research has shown that when someone pays attention, the brain synchronizes different regions - not just the one that controls attention.The analogy given is tuning multiple walkie-talkies to the same frequency.The study looked at the brains of epileptics using grids of electrodes, which allowed the researchers to study the changes in the brain in MILLISECONDS....more

1st graders with attention problems fall behind for years - but not 2nd graders

New research out of Duke University says that when attention struggles emerge in first grade, the child is likely to suffer academically for years. But when the attention problems emerge in second grade instead, the child performs just as well as their peers in later years.The study followed 891 individuals from kindergarten through adulthood.Why such a difference in just one year? It may be because first grade is when students begin to acquire key learning skills.Here's what I read:

Big news on ADHD meds!

Did you see this article?July 8, 2013 Wall Street Journal’s “ADHD Drugs Don’t Boost Kids’ Grades”A new long-term study of nearly 4,000 students found that ADHD drugs like Ritalin and Adderall don’t help achievement scores or grade-point averages. In fact, according to the research, boys who took medications for ADHD actually performed worse in school than boys with similar symptoms who took no stimulant medications. Likewise, girls who took ADHD drugs reported more emotional problems....more

New test for ADHD uses EEGs

The FDA has approved the use of the NEBA System (named for NEBA Health, which makes the system) for docs to accurately determine if ADHD is the cause of behavior problems.The NEBA System supports, not replaces, traditional diagnosis protocols, like physical exams, behavior quetionnaires and testing, IQ testing and criteria from the DSM-IV-TR.The test is noninvasive and takes 15-20 minutes. It works by calculating the radio of theta and beta waves in the brain. In the past, kids with ADHD have been shown to have higher theta/beta ratios.Here's the story I read:...more

It may not be ADHD. It may be Red Dye 40.

Yes, I'm on my high horse again about food dye. Can't say enough bad things about it (which doesn't mean I can always avoid it). My kids hate that I make them read the ingredients on fruit snacks to look for food dye, but I know that I'll reap the consequences if I let them eat anything with unnatural food coloring.I ran across this article about a mom who thought her son had ADHD, until she eliminated Red Dye 40 from his diet. Her son sounds just like my daughter in terms of getting hyper and snide and even a bit aggressive after eating something with the dye....more

My Kid Talks A Lot -- Even in the Movie Theater

My son is a talker. He wakes up talking. This morning, after I realized he had crawled into our bed (he woke up half and hour early), he said, "I can't wait for tomorrow!!" He goes to sleep talking, sometimes in mid-sentence. He even talks in his sleep. He talks during his soccer games, regaling his teammates (who are actually trying to kick the ball) with funny observations or trying to get them to answer the proverbial question, "Guess what?" just so he can answer, "Chicken butt!" He talks in the bathtub, throughout dinner, and while he's peeing. We've suspected he's got the ADD since he was two, but since it isn't interfering with his academic success and doesn't seem to drive his teachers crazy enough to write notes home, we've decided to ride this out until we absolutely have to have him tested....more
My son is similar, and I can relate!  But there's nothing 'wrong' with him, there's something ...more

How I Get Stuff Done With ADD

I have ADD. For years I struggled with disorganization so great it could easily be classified as a force of nature. Sometimes I wonder if my things actually sprout legs and wander off on their own. Because of this, I’ve made myself into a creature of fierce habit: The only way for me to not lose my keys is to always, always put them in the key basket as soon as I get home. The only way to make sure I don’t forget something important for work is to never let it leave my bag. ...more
I've often wished I could stick closely to a schedule. Every one I've tried has fallen apart. I ...more

5 Myths About Girls With ADHD

I ran across this article about the biggest myths about girls with ADHD. article only lists 3 myths though, so I added two more. Here they are:1. MYTH: Boys get ADHD more.TRUTH: It affects both genders at about the same rate. The reality is that boys tend to have more obvious symptoms - like hyperactivity and impulsivity - so parents and teachers notice more.2. MYTH: Girls only get the inattentive type of ADHD....more

Kids with ADHD do better in school after 20 minutes of exercise

A new study published in the "Journal of Pediatrics" says that kids with ADHD focus better and are less distracted after 20 minutes of exercise.In the study, kids with ADHD (between ages 8 and 10) who walked briskly on a treadmill for 20 minutes performed better on a computer game than they did without the exercise first. The kids with ADHD were able to slow down after making a mistake and focused better than without exercising first.Here's the study: