3 ways social media is bad for you

i did a little research and it turns out social media is addicting :-O i know! surprise, surprise! really? yep, we simply cannot deny. whether it's pinterest, instagram, facebook, whatever - we are junkies. and like addicts of another sort we also inherit some very negative side effects....more

Jennifer Weiner explores life behind the walls of Super Woman, from alcohol to drug addiction

I first came across Jennifer Weiner's writing in "Good in Bed." It was the first time that I had read a book with a heroine who was (wait for it) large. A woman who knew how it felt to go from "pleasingly plump" to unpleasingly chubby to tug-at-your-waistband, dread-trying-on-swimsuits large. ...more

What Causes Addiction ?

LindaBlogging at:  Queasypeasy and Catch Us CampingWhen a person cannot stop using a substance and find themselves continually experiencing cravings to use that substance or struggling to resist the urge to use we call that addiction. Most people have a view about what addiction is; some are quite rigid while others are more flexible and open-minded in regard to their views on addiction or the person struggling with addiction....more

Mother Served Alcohol To 13 Year Olds!

 Mother Served Alcohol To 13 Year Olds! This girl is now 22 and has told me a lot about her younger years I never knew. When she was 13, her friends mother served them alcohol. This is how her problem with drug addiction all started. I hope this helps some of you that have teens and pre-teens. ...more

Memoirs of an Addicted Brain: On drugs, emotions, and "corrupted learning"

 A couple months ago when Philip Seymour Hoffman died of a heroin overdose, I cried a little. Just like I did when Heath Ledger died. And Michael Jackson....more

My Father Is an Addict

I lost my dad to addiction. He is still alive, but the person I knew as my dad was swallowed whole by addiction years ago and most likely will never be seen or heard from again. ...more
You have every right to share your story, and to have your feelings. I don't know how anyone CAN ...more

An Ode to Sugar (from an Addict)

I’ve long had a love affair with Almond Joy pieces. Every night we would climb into bed together and I would caress the blue bag, pulling them out one by one to nibble at the candy shell, hoping upon hope that when I finally bit into the luscious chocolate there would be an almond surprise in there waiting for me.Before that it was Nerd Ropes. Our passionate tryst lasted a good couple of years and I would twirl them around my finger like rainbow locks of hair, gently pulling the big Nerds off the gummy and popping them into my mouth....more

To all the recovering alcoholics and drug addicts: Thank you

This article popped up on the sidebar of a news article about Phillip Seymour Hoffman. It's by Russell Brand, whom I've always thought is incredibly articulate and hilarious. (No comment on the Katy Perry thing.) Brand is also a recovering drug addict. In this article, he talks about life after getting clean....more

How to Quit Cigarettes or People

I've found two things very difficult to quit: cigarettes and certain people. Today's topic is cigarettes.My advice to people who want to quit smoking is simple. Stop. Drink a lot of water. And just get through the next five minutes.Oddly, that's the same advice I'd give to people trying to quit a person.Addiction is addiction after all....more

The Chaos that is

It's Sunday morning 1/19. We should all be getting ready for church and showing up to that building to give thanks to our Lord for blessing us as he does. Yet, I am making excuses for why we won't go today while my husband, my kids father, the leader of our house still sleeps in a room that is no where near mine. We haven't slept together in 8 years- Yes, we have had sex during those years but not much. He has another love, a mistress if you will - an addiction to pain meds....more