From the Trenches of Alcoholism

Alcoholism sucks. I know I'm not speaking from direct experience, but as one with a ring side seat, let me assure you that is absolutely awful. I can tell now. I know what to look for. And that fact alone has been hard won. It's come from emergency gallbladder surgery two years ago....more

There be dragons here

What did you do, my girl? Was it the fireworks?I’ve seen them exploding and I can only imagine how hot it gets closer to the sparks....more

This is your brain OFF sugar

I'm addicted to sugar. There. I said it.Not that I need a candy bar every day or a donut every month, but I need to have some sweetness in my coffee (the high-fat flavored fake creamer is my fave!) and some form of dessert every night - even if it's just a piece of chocolate. My husband has a random sweet tooth but eats things like ice cream and Oreos rather than dark chocolate or Godiva's creme brulee truffles, so I can usually avoid his goodies if they're out of my sight. But watch out if I run out of MY sweets....more

RSAT Group Outside For 3 Hours In Freezing Temps.

RSAT Group Outside For 3 Hours In Freezing Temps.They had to stand outside in freezing temperatures for the store.RSAT is the jail re-hab, but this is crazy! ...more

Satisfying the Tummy

I think its great that living in the 21st Century means readily accessibility to just about any cuisine anywhere. I seriously can tour the world with my stomach within two miles from my workplace.I can also gain a lot of weight very quickly....more

king kong ape sh*t

Guided Imagery Tools to Help You

Brenda Coffee@1010ParkPlace

Have You Ever Woke Up To A Gun Pointed At You?

They were standing inside at my front door with their guns pointed at me.I was awakened with yelling.  ...more


Brenda Coffee@1010ParkPlacehttp://www.1010parkplace.comFueled by an endless supply of cocaine and vodka, my first husband fired a bullet through a closed door, into the room where I was standing. My response was immediate. Instinctual. No time to plan my jump from the second story window. I shoved it open and leapt into the night, hoping the tree outside would break my fall. ...more
momndaughtersavings Your daughters! How are YOU coping? Oh, I would like to reach out and give ...more

If You Have A Disease Should You Go To Jail Or A Center For Help?

People are being sent to jail or prison for having a disease, instead of re-hab Do you think this law should be changed?...more