What Do You Know About Heroin Withdrawal Timeline?

Nowadays, heroin is one of the most used drugs that has high mortality rates between humans. At the time that the intravenous use of heroin has decreased, it has been found that heroin abuse is currently occurring among school-aged teens and young people and it is really affecting their lives....more

Daddy Issues: Daughter of an Addict

It was Christmas morning, I had made my dad a snow globe. It was little, filled with glitter and plastic confetti. He put it in my moms hands, frowning, saying he didn’t deserve it."Dammit, take it. She made it for you," my mother said, trying to stay hushed. I continued unwrapping gifts. I remember feeling bad; tears welled up in my little brown eyes. Why didn’t he like my gift?I understand his guilt now. As an adult, accepting a gift you don’t deserve can be humiliating....more

Have you Talked to your Child today?

I stumbled across this ad campaign today, while browsing through German news sites. It's initiated by an agency for addiction treatment in Germany. And what's pictured below is shockingly true, and I'm sure you can find this on every playground in the USA as well:...more

I Was Poisoning Myself

Over here in THE STATES… It’s full-on SPRINGTIME! And you know what that means!? Ladies… It’s time to start wearing bras and shaving your legs again… And gentlemen… ...more

Dear SNL: Addiction Is No Laughing Matter

When parents are struggling with addiction, the impact their drug use takes on their family — and their children — is no laughing matter.I don’t watch Saturday Night Live. I mean, does anyone watch it anymore? I feel like it ceased being relevant when Tina Fey and Amy Poehler jumped ship....more

I don't use names/Story

Ok, you can probably tell how new I am to blogging. I hit enter earlier and it looks like I now posted a blog with a title only! ...more

Stop the Madness

Two headlines caught my eye yesterday: “Drug overdose deaths reach all-time high” and “Effort to curb painkiller prescribing faces stiff opposition.” Does anyone else see a life threatening contradiction here?...more