What ADHD really feels like - adults share their experiences

I ran across this great piece in which they asked adults what it really feels like to have ADHD.http://psychcentral.com/blog/archives/2014/11/11/people-share-what-adhd-...Here are some summaries from the people responded:1. Dan: (an ADHD coach, parent and blogger)It's like living ina  room with 12 TVs on different channels while several children run around making noise and someone on the other side of the room is trying to get your attention.2. Zoe (author of an ADHD book)...more

Is your child struggling in school? Find out why and how to help.

I just ran across this site with 5 super-short videos (each is between about 40-60 seconds!) that actually have some interesting info on learning struggles.http://www.thebrainandlearning.com/FAQs.htmlHere's a quick summary of the first 2 videos:Video #1 (1 minute, 3 seconds)Question: Why does a child experience academic difficulties?Answer: There are 3 reasons: 1. Content - For example, if families move a lot and a child missed certain material, such as pre-algebra...more

"Foolproof" indicator for ADHD diagnosis

This could be a major breakthrough in definitively diagnosing ADHD. Right now it is often misdiagnosed and there are no reliable physiological biomarkers for doctors to use. Doctors have to get information from the patient and family and research medial and social history and evaluate symptomsBut this new research from Tel Aviv University found that involuntary eye movements accurately reflect if the person has ADHD. Those same eye movements (or lack thereof after treatment) accurately reflect that stimulant medications are working....more

ADHD meds carry cardiovascular risk for kids

With ADHD med usage on the rise worldwide, researchers decided that a large study of the drugs' cardiovascular safety was in order. Researchers from Denmark and Yale University School of Medicine looked at stimulant use and the correlation between cardiovascular events in 8,300 kids with ADHD. They found a "small but statstically significant risk" linking the two.Part of the reason the study was published was as a warning to doctors to monior key vital signs and ask about family history during treatment in order to reduce the risk of harm.Here's what I read:...more

Untreated ADHD linked to addiction in kids, teens and adults

If you think not treating your child's ADHD will only affect their grades, think again.There's a lot of research out there about the correlations between ADHD and various kinds of addiction. Here are just a few I ran across:1. Food addiction - The same impulsivity that leads some with ADHD to absue drugs and alchol can lead to food addiction  - especially binge eating and bulimia. It's less likely in anorexia, which is more about "control" than impulsivity....more

Lisa Ling has ADD

There's good news and bad news about this story showing that Lisa Ling has adult ADD.http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2014/06/12/lisa-ling-add-adhd_n_5489924.htmlThe good news is, it shows people that you can have ADD and still be brilliant and successful. How is that possible? IQ is a measurement of cognitive skills. If all of Lisa's other cognitive skills (visual processing, logic & reasoning, auditory processing, memory, processing speed) are very strong and just her attention skills are weak, she could have an incredibly high IQ. ...more

Researchers find physical differences in the brains of adults with ADHD

MIT neuroscientists have found key differences in the brains of adult who have outgrown ADHD since childhood, and those who still have it.Although many kids outgrown ADHD, about 10 million adults in the U.S. are diagnosed with ADHD (imagine how many aren't diagnosed but have it!). The symptoms are similar to those of childhood ADHD: an inability to focus, which in turn creates difficulty completing tasks, listening to instructions and/or remembering details....more

AD/HD precedes symptoms of mental disorders in children

New research from Wayne State University School of Medicine indicates that attention deficits (ADD and ADHD) are central to mental disorders like schizophrenia and bipolar disorder. In fact, the attention deficits are believed to precede the manifestation of symptoms of the other illnesses....more

To the restaurant owner that gave a $5 discount for a 'well behaved child'

I understand that you tried to do a good thing. I understand that you earn a living based upon the pleasant dining experiences of your patrons. I understand that a 'badly behaved' child makes your staff's jobs that little bit harder. When you gave the family a $5 discount for dining with their 'well behaved child', you made their day, but you made my life that little bit harder, and heres how:...more

Is misusing ADHD meds a form of cheating? 1 in 3 Ivy League students says "No"

Despite the many possible side effects, stimulant medications for ADHD are often called "the smart drug" because some students misuse them to try to get an academic edge.A 2012 study asked 616 Ivy League college students (sophomores, juniors and seniors) WITHOUT ADHD about misuing stimulant medications and whether it's cheating. Their results were:- 18% said they had misused a RX stimulant drug for an academic purpose at least once in college- 24% of those who had misused a RX stimulant drug said they had done it 8 or more times...more