The Birth Parents

My daughter recently connected with her birth parents.  For those who have open adoptions, this proclamation may not mean much, but for those whose children were adopted via closed adoptions  when children were removed from their parents homes because of abuse or neglect, these words may induce fear. ...more

Looking for My Son's Mother on Facebook

I thought I'd found my son's mother....more

8 Ridiculous Adoption Questions This Transracial Family Has Been Asked

“Do you think they'll grow up to be communists?” Um… really?Content notice: casual racism.Why fit in when you’re born to stand out? — Dr. SeussMy family stands out. My kids are Asian; my husband and I are white. Most people will (correctly) assume our children are adopted.I get that “standing out” invites curiosity. Stares. Potentially well-intentioned comments and questions that come off as intrusive, even offensive....more

Do You Know Who You Are?

As a child I always knew I was adopted. There was never a time I didn’t know. I knew my mother and father were musical, I had several siblings and I was 5 1/2 months old when they “got” me. I knew my last name and where I was born. I also knew I was given away at birth....more

Adoption Has Ruined My Life

I'm "that Mom"Adoption has ruined my life.  Yes, I said that out loud....more

Do You Have Kids? This is what happens when you opt out of the Mommy Club

I was floating around the socialmediaverse the other day when I came across a friend’s Facebook post. She’d linked to the article below about why one woman opted out of having children. Intrigued, I clicked and read.7 Realizations That Convinced Me Not To Have Children –

The Rusty Chain: Thinking about Abandonment and Adoption

Not everything about abandonment is sad. Take this beefy blue bike, for instance.One person might figure Beefy Blue was junked, its chain too rusty for locomotion. Another might see the same old bike as an opportunity to sail down the street with a loaf of bread and a pound of butter tucked into a new white basket snapped on to the pitted handlebars. This bike could say yesterday's done blues to one person and oh joy! to the next....more

Rocky's Story - The Joys of Adopting a Senior Dog

I must confess that when we adopted Rocky, he would not have been my first choice of a second dog. A 13-year-old Lab with irreversible nerve damage in his rear legs was a challenge that we were not sure we could handle or afford. We were not even looking for another permanent dog, as our little house was full. We already had Roma, our wild and wacky 5-year-old yellow Labby girl, as well as usually having a foster dog to care for....more

April Fools Pregnancy Pranks Aren't Funny

The subject line of the email promised me that the April Fools prank would be "epic." You donate a car and get a kid! Isn't that funny? People will think this business is giving out kids left and right! And to make it even more amusing, donors "can actually choose the kind of kid they want to receive as result of their car donation." Aren't you howling with laughter? ...more
I knew a girl who pulled the pregnancy prank on her boyfriend on April Fool's Day. He promptly ...more

Learning To Fall

 It had been less than 6 months since we’d adopted our daughter and we were still in the throes of learning to be a family of four. Our days and nights had started to round out, but we were still caught by the sharpness of some of their edges.  It would happen unexpectedly, the way you can walk past the same coffee table tw...more