Rocky's Story - The Joys of Adopting a Senior Dog

I must confess that when we adopted Rocky, he would not have been my first choice of a second dog. A 13-year-old Lab with irreversible nerve damage in his rear legs was a challenge that we were not sure we could handle or afford. We were not even looking for another permanent dog, as our little house was full. We already had Roma, our wild and wacky 5-year-old yellow Labby girl, as well as usually having a foster dog to care for....more

April Fools Pregnancy Pranks Aren't Funny

The subject line of the email promised me that the April Fools prank would be "epic." You donate a car and get a kid! Isn't that funny? People will think this business is giving out kids left and right! And to make it even more amusing, donors "can actually choose the kind of kid they want to receive as result of their car donation." Aren't you howling with laughter? ...more
I knew a girl who pulled the pregnancy prank on her boyfriend on April Fool's Day. He promptly ...more

Learning To Fall

 It had been less than 6 months since we’d adopted our daughter and we were still in the throes of learning to be a family of four. Our days and nights had started to round out, but we were still caught by the sharpness of some of their edges.  It would happen unexpectedly, the way you can walk past the same coffee table tw...more

Bonding With My Teen in the Baby Department

I simply can't walk past baby stores or infant departments without having to browse the adorable clothing, toys, and other goodies. My daughter is in high school now, but I'm still pulled in every time, especially if I see a pink display....more

Grief, Loss & Adoptees

 I was up late last night researching “Grief & Loss” and all the stages of this process.It was amazing to me that if I inserted the word “ADOPTEES” into all of the areas that take you through the grief & loss process it describes how I have felt all of my life regarding my adoption experience....more

Drowning With My Hair On Fire: Insanity Relief For Adoptive Parents Book Release

Look for Ce Eshelman's Upcoming Book Drowning With My Hair On FireInsanity Relief For Adoptive Parents Expected Release Date: Februar...more

Therapeutic Parenting Tips for Adopted, Attachment-Challenged Children

1.    Be safe parents to attach to for your children.  Relationship over compliance is important in therapeutic parenting. Keep your faces and eyes soft.  If you are upset, give yourself a time out to someplace kid free until you can get your soft face back.  If the child insists on talking, insist on space for yourself first.  If the child badgers you, sit silently and read a book. Offer the child a seat beside you. Promise to talk when you have calmed down.  This model impacts (emotional) regulation....more

Adopting: 6 Things You Need to Know

 1.  You don't have to be rich  in order to adopt. My husband and I had been married just over a year and were average middle class citizens with no huge amount of money saved.2.  You'll need to get a Fed-Ex Account.You're going to be sending lots of documents out!3.  Get creative with raising money.  We chose to adopt 2 older children who were siblings.  We had yard sales, fundraiser picnics, and accepted donations too!...more
What great advice!!  I am sure there are many people who would appreciate the heads up!  And ...more

Stealing, Lying, Crying

Once upon a time there was a boy who felt bad inside about himself and he regularly did impulsive things that proved to himself and to others that he was indeed very bad to the core. One time this boy brought home something new from school every day. Each day his loving parents discovered the stolen item and administered some form of restorative justice, including a requirement to return the object with an apology. Of course, these weren't the first stolen items they had come across and they were no strangers to the lies and crying admissions that came with the stealing. ...more

Parent Bashing

I have no room in my personal or professional world for parent bashing. This is likely because I am a parent. I am not perfect. And I have been bashed by professionals, CPS, law enforcement and family....more