My Parents Adopted 3 Teenagers & I Got Anxiety Pt. 1

And I Got Anxiety is a series covering my struggle with Generalized Anxiety Disorder. Follow along on my journey through the struggling times God used to bring glory to His Kingdom through my anxiety attacks, counseling, and more.  Yep, you read that correctly....more

DNA Test Part I


A Prayer for Q

Q entered our lives & our hearts about a year ago. He'd just turned 4, and was funny, animated & undeniably adorable. With dark features and big brown eyes he could have been ours.  He fit into our home & hearts like he was ours....more

Puppies Are Jerks. Adopt an Older Dog!

Since I was a child, I've always had a dog. So when my childhood dog passed away, I have always wanted another companion to keep me company. Having a dog is a true commitment, both financially and time-wise. ...more
Thanks for sharing the beauty of an older pet.  i would also add that adopting a dog that has ...more

I am yours... A poem for my mommy

  Even though I didn't grow within you,I am yours....more

Lessons Learned from Children While Waiting on Hold

On the phone at work today, I found myself stuck on hold for nearly half an hour with a social service agency in a county about 300 miles away.  What surprised me was the recorded message that played over and over.  Actually, it was quite cleverly done.  But what I heard sent a chill up my spine.The recording consisted of the voices of children, both girls and boys, of various ages, many of them extremely young.  One by one, they told their stories in a single sentence each:“I am not a punching bag.”“I need a place to call home.”...more

Mother's Day is Around the Corner and Ethiopia is on My Mind- an adoptive mom's perspective

As Mother's Day approaches my heart grows heavy because as an adoptive mom this holiday is bittersweet.You see adoption is born out of loss.  Two of my munchkins lost their first mothers before I earned the right to be called their mom.   So, while I love all the mother's day sentiments hung in all the stores and broadcasted all over the media I can't help but think of my children's birth moms and the loss they endured to share that title with me.  So, in honor of them I would like to take a moment and share our first adoption story....more

Infertile Ground

This post has been simmering just beneath the surface for me over the last 2 weeks.  Well over the last 10 years really.  There was a post on a forum I follow asking will you ever forget your infertility when becoming a parent through adoption?....more