The New Season of Parenthood & That Pesky Adoption Storyline

I was so excited to sit down and watch the new season premiere of Parenthood last night. Then DishNetwork decided to have HD and local channel coverage fails left and right, so I had to wait until this morning to watch it on Hulu....more
Agreed. Maybe the writers can write in a story of a first mother post adoption. You know, how ...more

Fostering Dreams: From Foster Care to Changing Lives

Oneof the most inspirational interview that we have ever done....more

Today's Show- Special Moms with Special Kids

  Two inspiring mothers tell their stories about their passion for Special Needs Adoption and Parental Advocacy! Listen now!    Karla Marie Williams President, Family by Design ~ All Things Adoption ( Host, Family by Design Radio (

I See My Daughter Everywhere

It stings the most when I run into friends who have daughters her age. It happens more and more as technology brings people back together. Or, in a totally anti-technology way, when people end up coming back to our beloved camp after years away for whatever reason. Life, work, aforementioned children. In tow, they introduce me to their little girl. Nearly eight, they say. My breath catches. I tell her hello. I hate myself a little bit more. I smile. I cry inside....more
Just want to say how much i love the writing in this piece. I'm sorry you are feeling this pain, ...more

Wearing Pink Shoes While Black -- and Male

By Liz Rose-Cohen My son started preschool last Spring, and the more we learned the more we couldn’t believe our luck. One of his teachers is an African American woman. That wasn’t luck. That was planning. Like we moved 700 miles so we could live in a town with a significant African American population and then chose a Montessori preschool with a significant number of African American teachers. That kind of planning. But the fact that she has dark skin was luck. Because my kids have fairly dark skin. ...more
@Liz Rose-Cohen What an amazing update! Thanks so much for stopping by and giving us the news. ...more

Today's Show- International Adoption with the "Orphan Doctor", Dr. Jane Aronson

  Listen NOW to a great show with Dr. Jane Aronson....more

Why I Adopted from Foster Care ... And Why I'd Do it All Again

People often ask me why I decided to adopt from foster care. As with so many things in life, there is no one simple answer. My husband and I had a desire to grow our family and a vague awareness that there was a need for parents to adopt older children, who are considered difficult to place compared to infants and toddlers....more
I could not agree with you more Rebecca! I support all kinds of adoption but foster care is ...more

An Open Letter Regarding Abandonment

Dear Person with No Filter,...more
Well, you told them :) Birth Mothers are very dear to my heart. People are very callous and say ...more

Today's Show- "Navigating the Road between Infertility and Adoption"

Great Show! Listen NOW!  "Navigating the Road between Infertility and Adoption".       Karla Marie Williams President, Family by Design ~ All Things Adoption ( Host, Family by Design Radio (...more

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