Family by Design Radio- "A Life Touched by Adoption"

 "A Life Touched by Adoption"- Madeleine shares her inspiring story of adoption and great tips to guide you through your adoption journey....more

"No Biking in the House without a Helmet" w/ Melissa Fay Greene

As a mom of 9 and award winning author, Melissa Fay Greene shares her humorous and insightful journey of adoption and parenting on our show!...more

7 Keys to a Smooth Adoption Transition

These "7 Keys to a Smooth Adoption transition" will be sure to get you on the road to a peaceful and fulfilling life with your new family member. Whether you are adopting an infant or a teenager, these steps apply!...more

Selling Babies Is Everybody's Business

Theresa Erikson hired gestational surrogates abroad (to avoid certain surrogacy laws in California), transferred embryos to their bodies, and when they passed the second trimester of their pregnancies, she found prospective adoptive parents for the to-be-born babies, telling them the babies were planned for intended parents (that is, the people who hire surrogates to bear their children) who had since backed out of the surrogacy arrangement. (Just to clarify, there were no original intended parents. The gestational surrogates were literally bred to provide healthy infants to a hungry adoption market.) When the babies were born, they went to these “new” parents to the tune of 100 to 150 thousand dollars....more
Wow, who gave you the soapbox to stand on while you judge people? Just because I'm proud of my ...more

What He’s Trying To Say

Touching post. I adopted from foster care and have been fortunate to develop a relationship with ...more

Exclusionary Exclusions: Will Adoption Gain Me Access to the Moms' Club?

Well, it's official... of all the girls that I became friends with on Soul Cysters, I am now the ONLY ONE who has not become pregnant.The only one. The only one. The only one. Still empty. Still struggling. Still stuck in place -- treading water. Dr. S told me while we were going through fertility treatments that I had a "good chance" and that "90% of all women with PCOS do end up getting pregnant." 90%... at the time, I never imagined I'd be the exception and not the rule....more
I have biological children and have suffered from infertility and miscarriage as secondary ...more

They Refused

Tuesday, August 9, 2011They Refused Our agency refused to cooperate. They want our adoption extended another 3 months. They are requiring him home for a full, consecutive 3 months....more

Its never going to end, is it?

This morning was one of THOSE mornings.  I can tell the moment he steps out of bed how its going to be and today he just didn't give a fuck if I fought with him or not.  He was going to go THERE.  And he did. I hate days like this because it leaves me resentful of him. It started with dragging his feet getting dressed.  Progressed to claiming he didn't know how to do the math sheet in front of him (which he's done before).  And finally escalated to him throwing pencils at the back of my head.  When I drug him to the time out corner (which he's d...more

Black baby, White what?

  GREAT SHOW!...more

Family by Design ~ Debunk the Myths of the Birth Mom

Debunk the Myths of the Birth Mom Karla Marie Williams President, Family by Design ~ All Things Adoption ( Host, Family by Design Radio (