She Wants Two Sisters :: On the Way to Adoption

That is Rowan's order. Two sisters, please. Named Rose and Moose. Well, maybe not. But maybe so (except for the named 'Moose' bit). We are working towards adopting. Given the time frames and many unknowns, we don't say much about it yet, other than to acknowledge it is 'in our plans'.  Perhaps this reticence goes back to our first adoption experience. ...more

I am the marketing director for and we are looking for volunteer writers for our website. Please check out the site and see if it is something you would like to contribute to. Please email me directly at ...more

An Open Door

So, I take them into the baby's room with it's newly painted lavender walls, the gifted crib, new super comfy glider with matching ottoman, new changing table, new stroller/car seat combo, and all of the other assorted and sundry baby things that we've either purchased or received as gifts. "You've done a really nice job in here," says my mom. "Do you like the color?" I ask. "It's really pretty," she replies and then after a pause adds, "I guess I just thought you'd have this room closed up."...more

Bless your heart,Keep moving forward. We adopted 2 babies from foster care. It's an emotional ...more

How I Met My Mother

I have been writing this post over and over in my head the last couple weeks. I just am not sure I have the words, not sure I can convey the emotion of all this. I am going to do my best, bare with me… ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Friday 3/18- I am at work and about 9:30 in the morning by cell vibrates in my pocket. I sneak it out for a look and see a 609 area code calling me. I grew up in New Jersey and know the area code, but most of my contact with people from my home state is limited to FaceBook....more

Tough Questions about Adoption

I was pregnant with Coby when we brought the girls home from Vietnam. They were only 11 months old when he was born. They don’t remember life without baby Coby, he was just always there. They were much too young to remember me pregnant with him or life without him....more

Playing Politics at the Expense of Children

File this one under cheap election year politics (even if it’s not quite election year, the gentlemen have started their engines). Arizona has passed a new law directing child welfare professionals to favor married couples over singles or unmarried couples (code for same-sex couples, really) in child placement decisions whether adoption or foster care, "if all other factors are equal." ...more

My BFF lives in Tucson, Nancy and it's so beautiful and evocative, I have set major parts of ...more

Our adoption agency linked to my blog post

A few weeks ago the agency we used to adopt Charlie, Family to Family, contacted me about the Lost Birth Parent Contact blog post...more

Jennifer approached me first but I'm still happy. I know we were very lucky and blessed to work ...more

Mother & Child - Starring Annette Bening, Naomi Watts and Samuel L. Jackson

Do you know anyone who has been adopted or ever been part of an adoption? Well, here is astory that looks at that subject matter from a few different perspectives.

Review and Giveaway of Second Chance by Sandra J. Gerencher

This is a story of a dog adopted for an autistic boy (who was also adopted). He learns what adoption means and finds love and family for the first time! It’s told from Chance the dog’s point-of-view....more