High Minded

 Among the many admissions I would have to make in court if this child had fallen and broken his neck was that I was the one who took the picture. However, my co-defendant can be seen watching from the porch....more

Can I Really Call Myself a Writer?

"What do you do?"It's what grownups ask each other by way of a greeting because we so often identify ourselves by what we do professionally."I'm a stay-at-home-mom," I reply.And if I'm meeting someone who is not another SAHM, but instead a member of the "working world" that statement is often met with a blank look or a tepid, "Oh, well, that's nice."So, then I add, "Oh, and I'm also a writer."At this point the non-SAHM perks up with a, "Oh! Really? What do you write?"...more
TheSoccerMomBlog  Thanks so much for taking the time to read my post and thank you especially ...more

We Fell in Love Online

 I know plenty of people who have successfully found love through online dating. I even know some folks who have grown their families by starting the adoption process or the search for a sperm donor online. It never occurred to me that we would fall in love online, but we did....more

A Letter to My Kids on National Adoption Day

This morning started off like most others. You two were up at the crack of dawn. You charmed Daddy into giving you each a brownie for breakfast while I was in the shower.  Kaden, you had us all laughing until our sides hurt when you pulled open you pajama shirt to reveal the "tattoo" of your own name you'd given yourself with a contraband pen across your chest. We knew you'd done it while looking in the mirror, painstakingly forming each letter, because they were all backwards....more

They Break, You Know

It was something about the phrasing that got to me. Something about the cadence of his words, the staccato of his speech.“Nobody loves me. Not even my mother who gave birth to me.”It is an odd turn of phrase, isn’t it?Not even my mother who gave birth to me....more

Seoul 2001 :A Life-space Odyssey

 On our way back from the Katy Perry concert, I was thinking about how many wonderful memories I have been making lately with Miss 14. It set me to recalling some of the memories I have of her that she doesn't share, stuff from when she was little. So this entry comes with a self-indulgence warning.  ...more
Edwina's Episodes  I'm the lucky one... of all the mums in the world, they got stuck with me!more

What makes a real family?

the definition of real From the Free Dictionary:re·al 1 (rē′əl, rēl)adj.a. Being or occurring in fact or actuality; having verifiable existence: real objects; a real illness.b. True and actual; not imaginary, alleged, or ideal: real people, not ghosts; a film based on real life....more

If This Then That: Reflections on Adoption

The theology of adoption has a thick ribbon of rescue running through it....more